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Friday, April 01, 2011

Onion Snow on April Fool's - No Joke!

This morning I woke up to what we in Berks County, Pennsylvania call an "onion snow." An onion snow is a common term which we use in South Central, PA for an early Spring snowfall. It leaves a light, thin, "onion skin-like" coating on the ground and arrives about the time when the onions are beginning to sprout in the garden. It is also considered to be the last snow of the season we will get until winter-time comes around again - (we hope - LOL)!


  1. I thought an onion snow would be called that because it stinks that it is snowing again!!

  2. LOL! You are sure RIGHT about that! ;)

  3. Hang in there folks. Warmer weather will get here soon. My understanding of the Wicca religion is to be in close contact with nature. I do that better when it is warmer outside.

    Best Regards.