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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why Nature?

I have been asked on more than one occasion, "Why do you worship Nature and a Goddess and God? What is it that makes you believe so strongly about Paganism?"

While these are rather complex and in depth questions to say the least, my short answer to them is always, "Because everything comes down to Nature. We came from the Earth and, in the end, we return to the Earth."

After all, it is Nature which has the power to create life. It is Nature that can choose to heal us when we are sick and it is Nature which also gives us our life cycle of birth, life and rebirth. We, as Wiccans and Pagans, see the divinity in all living things. We know Nature to be, respectively, our Earth Mother and Father God - Nature's feminine and masculine aspect.

Just as Nature can "giveth," Nature can also, by that same law, "taketh away" with the Natural disasters in which we sometimes endure. In other words, our  Natural resources such as water, food, warm Sun, air and all of the essential things we depend on Her for in order to live.

For all of these reasons, I feel we must respect Nature - ergo our Earth Mother and Father God. For without Them, no living being could exist. For me, these are very basic facts of life. For me, there is no "why."

(Pic taken on the Winter Solstice ~ 2002)

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