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Sunday, May 01, 2011

A few Beltane decorations and a house-guest

This weekend wasn't quite as busy as the last. So yesterday, while spending the day cleaning and putting out my yearly Beltane decorations around the house (save for my altar which I always try to put up fairly early), I realized that I really don't have very many decorations in which to actually adorn my home with. 

Although I am planning on doing some more "Beltane shopping" this week sometime, I thought I would show everyone what I have so far.

Green Man illustration I bought while in Salem, MA.

Beautiful green mermaid gift from my husband - I love it!

"Wings of Love" statue
 Votive candle tree with assorted shades of green candles

My Green Man ornament which I use at Yule as well

And of course, my homemade Maypole from my altar

I am also cat sitting for my friend Kiki-girl's daughter's kitty, "Neicy." She is a cute little brown and white tabby cat with white paws. She will be our house guest for the entire week, sharing her living quarters with my cat Haley out on the enclosed porch.

Beltane Blessings to everyone!!!

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  1. Beautiful decorations...meaningful and lovely. And what a sweet little houseguest!! Beltane Blessings!