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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Look Ma, no more cavities!

Alas, we got the call from our vet this morning that Midnight was doing fine and ready to come home. Aside from having three less teeth to eat with and having to eat nothing but soft food for a couple of weeks, he is very happy to be back at home with us!

As you can see, he also has a bandage on his front leg from the needles and a pain patch on his backside. Right now he is resting in the comfort of his own space. We will have to take him back to have his mouth checked out in two weeks and get his patch taken off. Hopefully, that visit will be covered by the $784.00 total of our final bill! Needless to say, when he goes back to this vet, it will be for the last time as we will be taking our kitties to my mother's vet who is also very good and easier on our wallets! They also gave us a disk of his x-rays so we can give that to our new vet.

All things considered, I thank the Goddess that he is doing okay and I am so glad our little boy is home now where he belongs!


  1. Robin - I just wanted to let you know that I am having trouble posting comments on your blog lately for some reason and I don't know why? The system is not taking my sign on. I will keep trying though! ;)

    Blessings, Kim

  2. Kim, I have been getting your comments..and publishing them...run and check my blog to see if they are there

    and...hurray Midnight is home!! good boy, and I bet he is not real happy tonight...but he will forget tomorrow!!

  3. Robin - nope, the one I tried to leave on your latest post isn't there? I will keep checking though, thanks!!!

  4. Hey Kim, I think yours are on my blog.

    OUCH! Good thing we love them, huh??

  5. I bet you are all pleased he is home. Glad things went well.
    Have to look into teeth care for our older cats as I sure don't want that sort of a bill with all our old cats.

    Love Leanne

  6. I am very pleased to have him back home again, thank you Leanne!

    Don't blame you for not wanting the horrible vet bills. All I can say is avoid ANY of the VCA Animal Hopsitals as they are amongst the most greedy!