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Friday, October 7, 2011

Divining the Future Pt. 2: Speaking of Ouija Boards ...

As I have said to you in the previous post, ouija boards are definately not a game ~ no matter what Parker Brothers tries to sell you! Seriously though, I can not stress that enough! That being said; however, I very seldom, if ever, use the ouija board for any reason. One of the few times I have ever turned to it, was due to a very bizarre circumstance. The following is in fact a true story and, for me, a deeply personal one.

In my post, "Spiritually Lifting Experience," I mentioned my ex-fiance, Mike, to whom I was engaged to for 5 years. Long story short, we broke up under pretty nasty circumstances. As fate would have it, about 7 years later I had a "nagging" feeling out of nowhere that I needed to make my peace with this ~ with him. And so I had arranged for he & I to meet up again through a mutual friend and we "talked it out and made things right" so to speak.

Mike & I  ~ my 22nd birthday (1986)

On Easter Sunday of that same year, he was taking flying lessons from a guy we both went to school with who just happened to own his own business as a Flight Instructor. They were in a private little plane which, due to mechanical problems, crashed in a field near Virginville, PA (not too far from Reading). Both he and the instructor died on impact of internal injuries.

A few weeks later after the funeral, Mike appeared to me in a dream. In my dream, he was walking around in a strange house (one I've never seen before~perhaps it was the house in which he last lived?). The house was filled with a bunch of people which included myself. However, I was the only one who could actually see him ~ no one else could. I remember him being very confused and distraught. He could not understand why I was the only one who was able to see him. In the dream, he kept saying to me, "Help me! Help me!"

This dream continued to haunt me for quite a few days and I could not for the life of me figure out what it really meant? Was I, myself, so distraught that I was beginning to have nightmares about him? Then it came to me, it is not unusual for someone who has died rather traumatically and/or suddenly to not actually know that they have died. I spoke to the only other Wiccan, and friend, that I knew at the time ~ Willow. Although I hesitated, I asked her if she would help me consult the ouija board to find out how I could help him.

We set up the board and took the necessary precautions to protect ourselves from any "uninvited" guests. We cast a magickal circle and called the corners, using blessed and consecrated water and sealed the circle with salt. As we began, I asked the board questions to which only Mike and I knew the answers to. Then, only after I was satisfied that it was indeed him, I asked him what he wanted from me, what could I do? Again, as in my dream, the board spelled out the words, "Help me!" Willow turned to me and said, "You need to tell him to cross over. He's lost!" I knew she was right ~ and I did just that. Before he left, I assured him that I would see him again someday and that I loved him. He then replied that he loved me and then said "goodbye" to me. It felt as if I had lost him all over again, but I knew it needed to be done! Both Willow and I broke down into tears afterwards. Needless to say, it was all a bit overwhelming ~ even for her eventhough she never had the chance to meet him at all. Her fiance then, now husband, had walked through the door just as we were wrapping up, saw us on the floor crying and said, "My God, what happened here?"

I knew in my heart that I was meant to meet up with Mike again for some reason or another ~  just didn't understand "why" at the time. It became apparent to me later on that the Goddess and God wanted us to make our peace before he died. I am so very grateful now that I had that chance. Since he was born on October 30, every year on Samhain I make sure to honor his memory. This, by the way, was the very last time that I actually used the ouija board for any reason.

   Last pic: Mike & I ~ 1997



  1. Kim, that was a hard story for you to share. Thankfully, you and Mike settled things before he passed. Your dream and subsequent actions must have been harrowing. But you remained undaunted and committed to helping Mike find his way. You and Willow performed a loving task. Hugs & blessings, my sister, for this story. And, I too, say that the Ouija board is not a game, not something to play around with.

  2. Flood of memories, for sure. Way back when..... I miss you so much and I am so glad I I was able to help in some small way. May you both always have peace.

    All my Love,


  3. Robin ~ Thank you, yes, I still get a bit of a lump in my throat whenever I even think about that time in my life, but it was all good for me in the end. I am indeed thankful for it all, both good and bad! Hugs back to you, Kim

    Willow ~ Words can never express how grateful I am to have had you to count on and to continue to have you as my sister. Love and miss you always!!!

  4. Thank you for sharing such a moving story. Indeed the Goddess has guided you and always will I expect. You are very brave to share this ... I have sad stories that I just cannot share at this moment .... it's just too painful and sometimes when I write things down they just don't convey all the emotion that is going on. Peace and Happiness, ArtSings