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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Samhain: A Time For Honoring

The sabbat of Samhain is not only the third and final Harvest of the year, it is also a time for honoring our deceased loved ones. All those whom are family, friends and pets whose memory will forever live on through us and our eternal love for them.

This is my favorite sabbat and, for me, it certainly holds the most meaning. As I grow older, I understand the true significance of this very special time of the year and how much it truly means to me. Like the God, our loved ones have crossed over into their next life to be born again. Some Wiccans believe this place to be The Summerlands and others, such as myself, simply have faith that we enter the next phase in our eternal cycle of life.

Each and every year, I save a special place aside of my altar for all of my many pictures set in lovely frames, decorated and draped with autumn attire. Sometimes I even like to wear a particular piece of clothing or jewelry during ritual which holds a special meaning to me (usually something personal which had been given to me by my grandmother, aunt, etc).  

This year I will most likely celebrate Samhain solitary style, but that is just fine with me. Even though I still enjoy gathering with my fellow Wiccans and friends for sabbats and esbats sometimes, there are times when I find it is nice to have a little solitude.

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