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Monday, October 03, 2011



Lots of fun stuff happening this month. Not only do we have  Samhain to look forward to, but every year during the months of September and October, we have a Halloween festival called, "Shocktoberfest" located in a rural area called Sinking Spring, PA.  It's kind of funny, because they built the haunted house where a Roller Skating Rink used to be. In fact, my mother, my friends and I all used to skate there many moons ago!

Anyway, it's really cool and an adrenaline-filled night of great fun! In the middle of the woods, there is a haunted house (which used to be called, "The Asylum" now re-named this year "The Prison of the Dead"), a haunted hayride ("The Biohazard Hayride"), a place called, "The Shock Club" with a DJ and dance music, and last but not least "The Monster Midway" where you can grab a bite to eat and purchase both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. And of course, there are also amusement park rides such as a ferris wheel and "The Spider" ride along with games and tents with exotic animals and such.

Last year, I had my tarot read ~ just for fun! Surprisingly, my reading was "dead" on (pun intended).

Every year, they add something brand new and innovative to their Haunted Scream Park. This year it is something called, "The Unknown." Hmm, sounds like hubby and I are going to have to check it out this weekend ~ can't wait!!

Now, for the best Halloween Party song EVER! This one always gets my juices pumping!

Oingo Boingo Band's "Dead Man's Party" video


  1. I am actually not a fan of the haunted theme fests during Halloween. A little too much adrenaline-pumping for me!! But sounds like you love it and i hope you have a blast. Curious as to what the UNKNOWN will be.

  2. Sounds like fun. I don't like them if they are too scarry....I'm kinda a Disney Haunted House kinda gal. But, in my younger years, that would have been different. It's finally not hideously hot here ... actually it's quite nice. Hope it stays that way....Halloween has been hot the last couple of years. Happiness and Abundance to all !

  3. Robin ~ Yes, I think I get my affinity to scarey things from my mother who always made Halloween the most fun for my brother and I as children. To this day, she still loves a good horror flick! What can I say, she's a cool mom! :D

    ArtSings ~ We usually have cooler weather around this time of year around here. Sometimes too cool at nightime, but I will gladly take it over the humid, yucky weather we have been having for the past two months. ;)

    Blessings always, Kim