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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A little "Holiday Spirit"

Yesterday, I did some early Yule shopping with my sister Robin. There is a really cool store in the mall located near where we work called, "Holiday Spirit." They sell the usual stuff ~ wreaths, lights, artificial trees, candles, oranaments, etc. They also have a section for pets where you can buy them stockings and such...

They even have a hugh array of cute and funny wooden hanging signs like this one ...

and this one ...

Kinda just sez it all, doesn't it? LOL!


  1. AAAAAH!

    (I refuse to go christmas shopping earlier than December - okay, I'm starting to get the first homemade presents ready, but other than that? My best friend's birthday is on September 1, the first day of the year German stores are allowed to sell christmas cookies, so guess what she serves with coffee... ^^ )

  2. I find the older I get the more I like the spirit of Yule. There is an earthiness and warmth to it that I love. I love the things that you found while out shopping.

  3. I know us guys are the minority on this subject. But it would be nice if they made one that said "crazy cat dude".!

  4. LOL! Agreed, Jason! Tuche!!! ;)