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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Now, that's what I'm talking about ...

This morning I was playing catch up with the blogs which I usually follow. One of my favorite blogs is Pagan Culture and upon reading Magaly's latest post, "Witch Is Such a Nasty Word," I felt extremely compelled to share it here on The Wiccan Life. Her post talks about her most recent experience with religious discrimination, and,  a subject which I personally have dealt with my entire life as a witch. Now, keep in mind that while I am a strong advocate of religious tolerance, this is a subject which must go both ways or else it is  pretty much a pointless effort at best. Besides, I am a true believer in "practicing what I preach" so to speak.

I love her post and applaud her for her integrity and truth. I would just like to say, "Thank you, Magaly from the bottom of my heart, dear sister!"  Blessed Be!!!


  1. Kim, thank you very much for the link to Magaly's blog! I enjoyed her post very much, and I became a follower :)


  2. Thanks for this ... this was a great article and well written.

    Happiness to all.

  3. I saw Magaly's post this morning, and was glad to see how well she handled the person's "no offense intended" comment.

  4. Well done Magaly and Kim for pointing it out to us xxx

  5. Kim, I just chuckled as I came to your post via Magaly's blog LOL, I love her full on approach & no BS views, she has a honesty that's charming & rocks as a writer! Are you going to join Magaly's Sexy Dark & Bloody Blog Party? It'll be fun (if I figure out something to do) ;)
    I have been soooooo slack & I have meant to drop in here ALL week to say THANK YOU!!!!!!! My Sylvia Brown book arrived!!!! It's a great read LOVE the different view point of the Star Signs, looking at them through a Psychics eyes is a really cool idea & I am enjoying reading it, as are my daughters who pick it up each time I've put it down to have a read themselves :) I really appreciate winning, it's such a cool prize, I want to give you a cuddle, so all the way from Australia wishing you the very best & pleased to have become one of your bloggy friends :) Hugs Shelle :)

    1. Sunshineshelle ~ You are so very welcome,my friend! Thank you for letting me know that you received it. I was actually wondering about it ~ ;)

      I really liked the book and found it really interestng and pretty right on the nose... enjoy!!!



  6. Hi Kim ;o) I just came from Magaly's blog and I totally agree with everything you said! Big Hugs, Blessings, Stacy xoxoxo