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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Duchesnay & Duchesnay ~ "West Side Story"

The other day I had written a post about my passion for Figure Skating. Well, to be honest, Ice Dancing had never really been my favorite part of this sport. I pretty much always thought that it was the "boring, but pretty" part. But, after watching the French Ice Dance Pair of brother and sister team Paul & Isabelle Duchesnay, (they used to represent Canada at one time in the Olympic Games),  I totally took that attitude back!

This pair was coached by Choreographer (and then Isabelle's hubby) Christopher Dean who had been the other half of the British Pair of Torvil and Dean. This clip from the 1992 Albertville Olympics shows The Duchesnay's Silver Metal winner performance to "West Side Story" as they skated the most athletic performance I had ever seen in an Ice Dance Team. Isabelle, by the way, was skating with a 104 temperature and had the flu while still pulling off a perfect skate!! My favorite part is their last move ~ very dangerous trick and Isabelle actually had to wear a helmet during their practice sessions! When you watch it, you will understand just why!!!!

The Duchesnay's 1990 World Figure Skating performance to "Missing" (beautiful music)

These two are, hands down, my all-time favorite Ice Dance Pair!! Besides ladies, doesn't Paul have a cute little tush? LOL!!!

I hope you all enjoy!!!




  1. I have always loved ice skating. I've watched the Olympic ice skating competitions since I was a little girl. I like the single competitions a bit better though. A brother/sister pair just kinda weird me out since they'd have to work so closely.

    1. Salem Witch Child ~ I totally agree with you. They are definately at a disadvantage as a pair which is why you don't see brother and sister teams skate to romantic themes very often!



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