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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Those nasty stink bugs!

Anyone who has been as in undated with stink bugs over the past couple of years as we have here in Eastern Pennsylvania, can well attest to how horribly annoying these things are (not to mention the fact that they will destroy your garden plants and flowers)! The other week while frequenting Home Depot, I asked one of the sales people there if they knew of anything that killed these nasty things (or at least help keep them under some kind of control)!  

He informed me that the house cleaner "Formula 409" was known to knock them out and, in most cases, kill them! And so, having absolutely nothing to lose, I decided to buy a spray bottle and try it at home in our attic where they were the absolute worst ~ and I do mean WORST!

Alas!! I am here to tell you all that this stuff actually DOES work! But why Formula 409 and not any of the other cleaners? After doing a bit of research, I found that the ingredient which separates this particular brand of cleaner from the others is concentrated chrysanthemum blossom tea! Yes, that's right. Stink bugs totally hate this natural herb.

So, if your home is being taken over by these awful insects, the bugs which my cats refuse to even go near, I suggest you give this idea a good try. It honestly does work great!

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  1. thanks for the tip!! I hate 'em!!

    I wonder though, since we try to be as organic as possible, if I could just make up some chrysanthemum blossom tea and spray that on them? hmmmm

  2. Willow ~ absolutely YES! There are some recipes on line you can use to put in a spray bottle instead of using the other chemicals! GREAT idea, too!!!

  3. Kim, thanks to you and Willow! I hate those stink bugs! Very nasty indeed!!! Your poor cats! I wouldn't go near them either! Hugs ;o)

  4. Thank you so much for posting that! We were inundated with those damnable things three summers ago. They've been back since, just not in the insane numbers as before.

    Yay for Formula 409!