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Sunday, January 06, 2013

Blast from the Past - Part 2

My hubby's favorite Yule gift this year was most definitely the DVD, "The Return of Spinal Tap: Live at the Royal Albert Hall." For those of you who do not remember them or perhaps do not even know who they were, Spinal Tap was, for all intense and purposes, a "British rock band" whose rockumentary/mochumentary film in 1984 showcased their United States tour. It was called, "This is Spinal Tap" and it starred band members David St. Hubbins, Nigel Tufnel and Derek Smalls. In reality, these characters were played by comedians and fellow actors and real life very talented musicians as well, Michael McKean (most notably remembered for his role of "Lenny" in the 70's/80's show, "Laverne & Shirley"), Christopher Guest (who was a member of one of the 80's "Saturday Night Live" casts and also appeared in many other films afterwards such as the movie, "Best in Show" as well as others), and Harry Shearer (known for his voices on "The Simpsons").

"Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight" & "C.O.D." Live

 Songs such as, "Stonehenge," "Big Bottom," and "Sex Farm," are so ingenious. These guys are hysterical and we simply never tire of watching them and listening to their clever rock songs! If you haven't seen either of these films/DVD's, they are a must see!!

Have a Blessed Sunday ALL!


  1. LOVE Spinal Tap! These guys are hilarious! Always thought they should get together with the actors in Monty Python. Now that would be good fun!

    1. Yes!! Most definitely would be!! Hugs, Kim

  2. Kim, I must admit, I really never knew anything about Spinal Tap. Thanks for sharing ;o)

  3. I really enjoyed viewing this video, thank you, for I haven't seen this before.