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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hubby's Rune Board

Although my husband considers himself "agnostic," he has always held a strange fascination with the runes. A few years ago, he had bought and read numerous books about them ~ their different traditional origins, what the symbols mean, and how they are used as divination tools.

While I have spent many years studying and reading tarot which is a method generally used for long-term readings, the runes are a more short term answer your questions about the future.

My hubby even went as far as to make a homemade rune board to practice his readings ...


And he owns two sets of rune stones ~ one bloodstone and one made out of bone. He is far too shy; however, to do readings for anyone but me. I, myself, have always enjoyed gemstones and divination, but for some reason I could never really get into rune readings. I have been known to use the rune symbols in certain spellwork, but that is about all. Perhaps someday I will give them another try ~ if I ever find myself more drawn to them. Goddess only knows!


  1. I too am fascinated with runes, but haven't found the time or the inclination to really pursue that interest. I think they could be a very useful divination tool for the right person. I am impressed your hubby has these beautiful runes, board and skill!

  2. Love runes! From when he was very wee, my son held a fascination with the runes, always wanting to play with the game in a bag. We have one set, but wow, to have one of bloodstone or bone, very nice!

  3. I love runes, although I think they are more complicated than the tarot. Like a dead secret language or something. And I'd love a set made from bones.

  4. I am very impressed by your hubby! I think this is fascinating!!