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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Waiting for Mr. Gray …

Four cats and our house still feels empty without our sweet Mr. Earl Gray. This morning was his surgery and the vet called us afterward to say that we can come pick him up and take him home Saturday morning. Normally, we would have been allowed to take him home Friday night (tomorrow), but the vet said that since he is such a big kitty cat, it would be best for him to stay for peace, quiet and observation just one more night. And so, we set up his huge cage from downstairs up in our living room so that when he comes home he will be able to recuperate for a couple more days around his loved ones. Of course, he will not be able to use regular cat litter for these couple of days. Instead, we must use shredded paper in his box.

Hubby commented that he thinks that Miss Tabitha actually misses him as well because she is not her usual energetic self, attacking anything that dares to move, and she has been lying in the spot on the bed where he usually does. I very much agree with hubby!


  1. Awwwww.. Tabitha, Mr. Gray will be home soon ;o) Glad everything went well with the surgery ;o) Hugs, Kim ;o)

  2. Is this just a routine neuter or were there complications? I've always picked my males up the same day. There is a dust-free (99.9%) litter you can use and pick up at PetSmart or Petco - Dr. Elsey's - Ultra - Precious Cat / completely safe to use instead of old-fashioned newspaper.

    1. Sandy ~ He is already neutered as that is how we found him outside. This was a front declaw only surgery and that is why we must use paper instead of any type of cat litter for a couple of days. The vet said that he is doing just fine. The extra day is for recovery due to his big size, they do not want him active right now. We actually use the crystals because they are great for keeping the smell down to a minimum and it is fairly dust-free.

      Thanks for the idea though. I will definitely check it out, my friend!


  3. Awwwww, don't you just hate it when the house feels empty, even with one away? Hurry home Mr. Gray!!!!

  4. Sometimes a few days can seem like forever, I'm sure you'll all be glad when he returns home.