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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Just my small way of saying, "Thank you..."

Greetings everyone! Tonight, we took our kitty, Midnight, to our favorite vet, "Eagle's Peak Animal Clinic" for his monthly cold laser therapy session with his awesome therapist, Danielle! ...

The laser therapy is actually for his lower lumbar arthritis and it has worked absolute wonders for our sweet baby! Danielle helped introduce cold laser therapy to the clinic as a wonderful alternative to pain medication and surgery. This technique has been around for quite some time and, trust me, IT REALLY DOES WORK!!!  A few months ago, Midnight could not even so much as groom himself properly. Now, thanks to Dr. Ostrich and his amazingly dedicated staff, we got our kitty back and after only two 2 1/2 sessions at that!

Kathleen & Diane, just two of the many dedicated staff members at "Eagle's Peak Animal Clinic."

Anyway, as a way to say "thank you," I created a special wreath just for them! The above pics were taken tonight where they have hung it up for all to see.  Again, I say, "Thank You, guys, you are the BEST!" from Midnight and his mommy and daddy!  ;)

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  1. Midnight is so cute!!! I love the wreath! Beautiful ;o) Great gift ;o)