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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Some more new wreaths ...

"Goddess Eostre" wreath #1

Brightest blessings everyone! Jusdt finished a few new wreath creations and thought I'd post them ...

Eostre, The Tuetomic Lunar goddess of Fertility, dancing with Her rabbits

 "Eostre" wreath #2

I thought I would try my hand at the "Rabbit on the Moon" as well ...

"The Story of the Rabbit on the Moon" as told by The Buddha, Jataka Tale 316

And, finally another "Bastet" wreath ...

Next, I will be working on a wreath dipicting the Norse goddess, Freya and Her enchanting Norwegian Forest cats.   :)

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  1. So much fun Kim! Love them all!!! Many blessings ;o)