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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Nautical bathroom the frugal witch's way ...

One of the things I have been working lately here on the home front is our nautical-themed bathroom. And, since I am such a mermaid fanatic anyhow I thought it would be a good way to display some of my favorite pieces.

First of all of course, I decided to do some web surfing on Etsy. Wow, I love that site! I found a couple of small hand-crafted mermaid rugs to match the rather "odd" light greenish-blue color of my other bathroom rugs and towels ...

Mermaid Crossing beach floor mat art area rug indoor-outdoor area rug,  Floor Mat. Available in 3 sizes 

And, upon looking on a few other mermaid and nautical sites on google, I found a couple of beautiful, small handmade statues which I had decided to place on my only windowsill ...

 As usually is the case, I also came across a couple of items on sale at stores such as A.C. Moore, Michael's Arts & Crafts, the Hallmark Store, and even Wallmart while looking for other non-related things ...

 Small seagrass basket on the clearance rack at Wallmart hung on the wall above the towels. I added the ribbon by weaving it through the basket for an added touch.

 Assorted blue and clear glass bottles I bought at A.C. Moore & Michael's to decorate my windowsill.

 Lovely plate and metal holder sold at our local Hallmark store

I also used my imagination a bit as well by utilizing some of the decorations, which I normally keep aside in my craft room for my wreaths, to dress up a thing or two ...

Well, my dear friends, that is about all for our "nautical" bathroom. I suppose that old saying, "Where there's a will, there's a way," is true (the frugal witch's way that is ... LOL)!!

Many Blessings ~



  1. Kim, I love your bathroom! It is so beautiful and magical, truly! Makes me happy ;o) I love all your finds ;o) Good going lady! Big Hugs ;o) Have a great day, filled with many blessings ;o)

    1. Thanks, Stacy! You are such a sweet friend and sister!

      Blessings always,