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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Just call me "Grace" ...

Okay, ready for this one, guys? The very next day after my car got pounded by the hailstorm, I had decided to go for a walk and do some shopping during my lunch hour at work. Since I didn't have my car, I figured 'why not?'  So ... clumsy me trips over an uneven sidewalk step, went flying (shopping bags, my eye glasses and all) across the sidewalk. I bruised my left shoulder and hit my head on the pavement leaving a little black and blue goose egg on my forehaed as well ... like I said, "just call me Grace!" LOL!

Anywho, this morning hubby and I took my car over to our local Sears Automotive parking lot where we had an appointment with Safelite, who had a tent set up there, to get the cracked windshield replaced so that I could finally drive it again legally. Now all we have to do is get the driver's side rear view mirror and the plastic part underneath the windshield wipers replaced.

I can't tell you how much better I feel about that! Unfortunately, many of my co-workers reported that their cars were deemed a total loss and sent to the State of PA as a salvage vehicle unecessarily by their insurance company and either had to look for another vehicle or BUY back their own car from the State! My view is that is a bunch of bull and I refuse to allow any insurance company to take away my car when it is still legally drivable (after taking care of the damages which were easily repairable) and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it mechanically speaking. So it has a few dents in it ... so what. It doesn't look as pretty as it used to, but I know of quite a few others who are also keeping their cars for the same reason I am.

Also, I was also told by the Operations Manager in my office that IF my insurance company so much as just sees my car and IF they decide to call it a "total loss" that I no longer had the option to withdraw my insurance claim at that time and it would then be their responsibilty by law to report my car to the State of PA in which case I would have to deal with them in order to "buy" back my car. No way!!! Our insurance agent told my hubby that isn't so since we have comprehensive coverage? Truthfully, I do not know who or what to believe anymore so I would rather just take care of the damage expenses on my own if possible. Honestly, what exactly do we pay insurance premiums for anyway??

That being said; however, I was so excited to get my car back that I bought a pair of new shoes on sale at the mall while hubby and I waited for the car to get done ... LOL!!


  1. As bad luck as your car's... :(

  2. Kim, is the universe trying to tell you something? I am so sorry for you falling! You were lucky you didn't really injure yourself! Please take care!!! Those injures you did get, look soar!
    I don't know why we pay insurance either? LOL! Your car looks great ;o) Those dents add character ;o) LOL! ;o)
    The shoes are adorable! I would have bought them too ;o)
    Big Hugs ;o)

  3. Hi Kim, I hope that everything is going well...and things are going better. We trip over the strangest things...I tripped in the garage..over a invisible thing...bruised myself too.
    Hope your soreness goes away. I think insurance companies are in it to make us crazy. Feel better and take care.