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Thursday, June 12, 2014

"Call to Me" ~ A very beautiful poem by Willow

Call to Me
  •  Searching for my sacred tree
     The mighty oak in front of me
     Standing tall, ruling the land 
    Your bark so rough under my hand

    Could I ever endure like you?
    Can I shelter more than a few?
    I love you, strong and powerful tree
    But all you are isn't reflected in me

    Off in the distance a row of pine
    Standing so tall all in a line
    Needles so sharp, cones so vast
    A thought in my head of the distant past

    I remember you love, from childhood days
    Under your arms I used to play
    As special as you are to me
    My magical self you cannot be

    The maple planted in my yard
    Is the picture of both soft and hard
    For all creatures to feast upon
    Witness to all who cross my lawn

    The tree of knowledge is what they say
    Standing strong with little sway
    That doesn't describe me though
    So my spirit calls out the answer no

    Then I come across a willow tree
    And her spirit cries out to me
    "Look inside your heart, my dear
    The answer is now crystal clear"

    Our spirits joined in harmony
    Me and my sacred tree
    Both tough, not hard; emotional too
    I knew what she said was true

    I call to her now every day
    Beneath her branches I sit and pray
    In honor of this blessed tree
    Please say Willow when you call to me

     ~ Willow 

    This very elegant poem was written by one of my oldest and dearest of friends in the world, Willow. She shared it with me and upon reading it, I loved it so much that I so wanted to share it with all of you as well!

    Thank you, my sweet sister, for allowing me to do so. You have always written so beautifully!   <3

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  1. Wow Kim! This is truly beautiful! Tell Willow, I love it! Her words touched my heart! Big Hugs and many blessings to the both of you ;o)