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Saturday, June 14, 2014

The ties that bind ...

With my mother-in-law's birthday today and also Father's Day being tomorrow, somehow it only seemed appropriate that Willow, my very dear friend and sister of 22 years, and I would finally get the chance to get together after all these years! Even though we have managed to keep in touch with one another, our busy day-to-day lives always makes it extremely difficult to actually see each other and do some real catching up!

The other day, she had messaged me a copy of her latest beautiful poem, "Call to Me" which she allowed me to publish via the post before this one, and she mentioned that she was going to be in my area of PA (she, her hubby & children live in Philipsburg, PA) to pick up an Angora bunny for her business Tillie Lane Farm. And so, we had decided to grab this wonderful window of opportunity for which we had waited so long!

We exchanged a few gifts and she gave me this gorgeous Jade necklace and bracelet set which she had bought for me on one of she and her hubby's trips to China ...

... And, a couple of really awesome handcrafted bars of soap made by one of her good friend's at "Happy Valley Handcrafted" ...

Mineral Sea Salt Soap "Dragon's Blood" and Goat Milk Soap "Witches Brew"

I was actually thinking about making her a special handmade wreath, but did not know what she would like ~ and so I had asked her pick out her own ... ;)

 Large "Holiday Cat Blessed Be" wreath

Large "Midsummer Faerie" wreath

and a small "Midsummer" wreath for her kiddos!!!

We enjoyed a really wonderful day with great weather! Thank you so much for visiting, sis! Tomorrow, hubby and I will spend the day visiting with family.  :)



  1. It was so great to be able to spend a little time with you today. Next time needs to be longer and involve wine ;)

  2. Your parents look good ~ Carol

  3. We have to make the time, I agree I rarely get to see my BFF in person either. We talk often though. Great pictures too btw

  4. Hey Kim ;o)
    Sorry I am late coming to your blog! I am really behind!
    I see my sister-in-law has came by to say hi ;o) That was nice of her ;o) (Tammy)
    I think this is such a great post ;o) Friends and family are to be treasured ;o)
    I love your gifts ;o) Very special ;o)
    Big Hugs xoxoxo

    1. AHHH, I knew this nice young woman HAD to be related to someome as sweet as you, Stacy! ;)

      Luv 'n' hugs,