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Friday, June 27, 2014

Unlucky with 'Murphy,' Lucky with friends!

I am sure that everyone has heard of "Murphy's Law" ... You know, the guy that is the equivalent of the old adage which says, "If anything can go wrong, it will!" Or, as my dear dad always likes to say whenever things go terribly awry, "We have the luck of the 'Lorah's' LOL!! (Lorah is my maiden, of course) ... ;)

Anyway, at my husband's insistence, we finally took our car to the (albeit horrible) State Farm Insurance Company to get appraised, (or, rather should I say trashed as they so without much thought decided to total my car just as I warned my hubby they would)! Yes, even after I spent the $419.60 to get the cracked windshield replaced in order to make it drivable for work, they still choose to put me through the wringer! Needless to say, both State Farm and I will be parting company just as soon as this whole mess is over.

Now, anyone who knows anything about Pennsylvania State laws knows that they are complete morons here!!! Seriously. In order to keep my car as opposed to signing a Power of Attorney for it over to the insurance company to give to them (thereby, of course, accepting the measly amount of insurance money they offered us for the car which would definately not be sufficient enough to purchase another decent used car like the one I already own), we would have to apply through the State and pay for a "Salvage" title in our name. Which means, of course, I would not be allowed to drive my car until it was re-inspected at a PA State-approved Inspection Station/Garage and the new title came through. If I relented and signed our car over to the State, the insurance company would take our car the very next day, leaving me without a way back and forth to work for goddess knows how long! Yeah, like that's going to happen ... NOT!!

Sounds like fun, eh? Well, the good news is that there is a light at the end of this ludicrous little tunnel, and that is that we have a great family support system. Our families have always been there for us and for that we are extremely blessed! Also, no matter what, I am fortunate enough to have awesome friends who somehow manage to come through for me when I need them the most. In this case, it may just well be my good friend, co-worker and cat-sitter, Judy. 

Judy is such a sweetheart and has been such a good friend to me over the years! A couple of years ago, her sister was looking to get rid of her brand new 2-piece sofa set (which she had only had for about a year) because she had bought another living room set. Judy took me over to meet her sister and look at the sofa. The very next day, her sister not only gave me the sofa set for free, she also insisted on paying to have it delivered to our house! ...

Today while she and I were just chatting at work, she mentioned to me that her neighbors who had just recently retired are moving to Florida in a couple of months and are selling one of their cars because they now only need one between the two of them. It is a silver-colored 2000 Toyota Camry which had been kept in a garage most of the time. She told me that she had test-driven it herself and it is a really nice car - certainly good enough for me to use for work everyday. Hubby and I are planning on taking a look at it sometime next week. 

We are keeping our fingers crossed. As for Murphy, well, he can buy his own stinkin' car!"  LOL!


  1. Life with any insurance company is mostly, if not always, a pain in the #*&%!!!
    They take your money each month and then dare you to make a claim!

    Nice furniture and what great friends and family you have, Kim :)


    1. Thanks, Jan! LOL, yes, I have had to work for insurance companies all of my life in the clerical field. However, I am learning rather quickly that what they say is true: You never know how good your insurance company is until you NEED them! ;)

      Glad we caught up to each other!! :)

  2. Kim, it's so funny, when you really look at situations, they will work out ;o) Well sometimes! LOL! But, I know this is going to work out great for you! I hope you love the car, your friend told you about ;o)
    That was excellent about the sofa set! True friends, are the best ;o)
    I got confused when you were talking about your insurance company! LOL! Sorry you had to go through all of this!
    Big Hugs ;o)

    1. LOL! Sorry about the confusion. I have worked for insurance companies all my life and it STILL confuses me! ;)