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Thursday, June 05, 2014

The 24th Annual WWII Weekend at the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum

This weekend marks the 24th Annual Mid-Atlantic Air Museum's WWII Weekend gathering at the Reading Regional Airport. Every year, thousands of people from all over gather to honor our veterans and to commemorate our history's D-Day. There are dozens of exhibitions, authentic planes, fabulous USO shows with awesome big band music and dancing, skirmishes, air shows, guest WWII veteran speakers whom you can speak to and even take their picture and get their autograph, food, live entertainment and much, much more. 

Guest speaker, WWII veteran Richard Cole answers questions from the audience

Both my hubby and I usually attend every single year along with our friends and Solitary Wiccan group members, Draco and Rhiannon ...

Our long-time and very dear friends: My twin soul Rhiannon & her hubby Draco all dressed up for the WWII Weekend event

Draco & Rhiannon during our sabbat celebrations ...

I, personally, enjoy watching the USO shows ... GREAT entertainment for all! ...

"Sing! Sing!Sing!"  by Benny Goodman
 "Boogie Woogie Bugel Boy (live at the USO show)" by The Manhattan Dolls

And, they are calling for some really gorgeous weather for the next couple of days here in Reading, PA!! Enjoy your weekend everyone!!

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  1. What a great post Kim! Really enjoyed the photos!! I hope you had a great weekend ;o)