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Saturday, June 07, 2014

Finally ... Journey!

 "Separate Ways (World's Apart)" ~ Journey
(Please click on the link under the pic to watch this incredible performance, not the pic)

I am SO pumped! This Tuesday night, hubby and I have tickets to go see the 80's group, "Journey" live in concert! They will be performing at The Toyota Pavilion At Montage Mountainon on June 10th along with the legendary Steve Miller Band. 

 "The Joker" ~ The Steve Miller Band

After their lead singer, Steve Perry, left to pursue a solo career they went looking for another front man. Then, after finding a young man from the Philippines named Arnel Pineda on You Tube, they knew their search was finally over. Arnel is an amazing vocalist and incredibly talented! The other day, I was actually watching some old footage of him on You Tube. His voice is so versatile that he can sing pretty much anything well, including Led Zepplin.

To give you an idea of just how talented he is, I remember a couple of years ago I was cleaning in the kitchen when I heard the song, "Separate Ways" on TV.  I immediately thought to myself, "Oh wow, there must be an old Journey concert on PBS or something." So I ran into the living room expecting to see Steve Perry (I do so love him), but instead it was Arnel! I was simply blown away by him. What a voice ~ I just adore this guy!

Now, I will finally get the chance to see Journey live in concert after all these years!  CAN'T WAIT!   :-) 

"Any Way You Want It" ~ Journey (featuring Arnel Pineda)


  1. Owww! This is nice #Kimberly. ^_^

  2. Kim, how exciting!!! I am so happy for you ;o) Have a fantastic time! Big Hugs and many blessings ;o)

  3. Amazing video!!! That guy's voice is great!! Wow!!!