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Monday, February 11, 2019

Led Zeppelin Valentine's Day Countdown - Day 1 (and a Spring giveaway)! (repost-please read)

Greetings all! As I announced yesterday in my previous post, I am having a Spring wreath giveaway to celebrate the oncoming of spring and Ostara/Spring Equinox. As promised, I have posted a pic of the new wreath. I called it "Spring Forward" ... 

The drawing will be on Saturday, March 2nd and it is, as is with all of my blog giveaways, for members of this blog only! Since this is my little way of showing appreciation for all of my friends and followers, you must be a member of this blog in order to participate in this giveaway. If anyone thinks they would be interested in being added to the drawing, please leave a comment to this post letting me know that you would like your name added. Thanks so much!

Jimmy Page to MR. JIMMY in a signature message:​

"WITH RESPECT, Rock on and Good Luck with the Music "   - Jimmy Page

Robert Plant and Led Zepagain's amazing lead singer Swan Montgomery.

The late John Bonham on left and his son Jason on the right.

Have a great day!


  1. Of course I would love to be in your drawing for this beautifully created touch of spring wreath!!! Please add me in the drawing :)

    John Bonham and his son look incredibly alike in those photos.
    I can tell that you love Led Zeppelin :)


  2. I do like the look of your wreath …
    But please do not include me in your drawer, postage costs to the UK may not be that reasonable!
    Good luck to all who participate

    Have a good week ahead

    All the best Jan

  3. Definitely would love to be in on this one.

  4. Count me in darling!! You know how much I love your wreaths! This is so kind of you Kim! Big Hugs!


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