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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Another Mermaid ...

Yup, I purchased yet another mermaid for the house. This one; however, was for our nautical themed bathroom. I came across it while browsing around the Etsy site and simply couldn't resist it!

It was actually advertised as a really cool oil & vinegar bottle and it came with a small cork which I used in  place of the spout. I really love how it looks in the bathroom. :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Some Additions to the Catio

This week I have been re-vamping the catio. Today, I bought a tall kitty condo to place in front of the window and a few throw rugs as well ...

The catio is complete with cat bed (underneath the table), small day bed, tall condo, cat toy box, small kitty condo, jungle gym, and of course a place for food and water and a covered litter box. I also have a set up for a small fan and a small space heater.

I am still working on the finishing touches such as new curtains, preferably with cats on them.  Needless to say, it is still a work in progress.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Guess who's back ... again?

If you said "Trixie" our neighbor who lives down the road's siamese cat, you would be right! Yep, that same careless woman who, of all things, takes in a bunch of foster cats, can't even be responsible enough to keep her own cat in the house where she is safe and sound. "Trixie," as we have nicknamed her, has gotten out numerous times and my hubby keeps taking her back to her owner.
Her real name is "Fancy Pants" but we can not bring ourselves to call her by that ridiculous name ... no wonder she keeps running away and comes to see us all of the time ~ LOL!
Friday morning, while I was walking out the door to go to work she came walking up the back catio steps crying. So as usual I opened the door for her and she waltzed right in. I gave her fresh food and water and lo and behold she was still with us when I got home from work at 5PM. I was happy to see her as she is such a little love. She loves to be held and begins purring as soon as you pick her up, cuddles sweetly on your lap and follows you around like a lost puppy.
We so wish that there were a way that we could keep her with is, but I know that her owner will be coming sometime today to pick her up as she now knows where we live and we will be the first door she knocks on.
Oh well, we always enjoy her visits and I only pray that nothing bad happens to her due to her owners' repeated negligence. As far as I am concerned, if you foster animals then you are responsible for their well-being for as long as they are in your care. And, if you can't take care of your own fur baby, then you have absolutely no business fostering other animals! Just saying.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Shopping We Did Go

Once in a while, you just need a girl's day out and yesterday was one of those days for my sister Robin (a.k.a. Aurora Skye) and I. We had a lovely lunch at the local mall and then spent the rest of the day having fun doing a bit of shopping and catching up.

Since fall will soon be here, I picked up a couple of more little items for Lughnasadh and Mabon at "A.C. Moore Arts and Crafts Store."

"You're the Best"
"Angel of Autumn"
And, since I am finally able to get into a size medium again(well, sometimes), I bought a nice dress and a crochet sweater at "Charming Charlie's" ...

I plan to spend today cleaning the house and perhaps even begin getting out my fall decorations, and if weather permits it I will go for one of my late afternoon walks.

Until next time, my friends, Happy Sunday!!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

More of This and That ...

Brightest Blessings all! Just another little update on Leo's progress since we began his medication. As our vet warned us, it may take up to a couple of weeks before we see any change in his temperament. So far, we have noticed somewhat of a difference as he seems to have become a bit calmer when dealing with us and the rest of the cats. At any rate, only time will tell whether or not we continue using this medication.
Yesterday while having lunch with my sister Rhiannon, I received a very nice surprise ... these lovely inspirational blocks which currently adorn my living room along with our large collage pic.
Also, I have two new additions ~ one for my portable altar ... 

A set of mermaid candle holders

And, a beautiful Willow Tree Angel holding sunflowers. The figurine is called, "Sunshine" and because it reminds me so of autumn, I plan to add it to my Lughnasadh altar this year ...

 Here's wishing everyone a wonderful rest of the week!!!

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Leo Update

As many of you are already aware via my previous post, we had scheduled our youngest kitty, Leo, for an appointment with our family vet. After a long, in depth consultation with Dr. Hoy, she agreed to allow us to try giving him 10 mg of Amitripyline. Amitripyline is a prescription drug used by many vets to aid in calming down indoor cats who suffer from severe anxiety issues and/or excessive hyper-activity/aggression. Some cat guardians also use this medication when they must travel with their cats, thus reducing the kitty’s stress level.

Unlike some other prescription drugs for pets, this one takes time to build up in the animals system and therefore usually takes a few days or so to see any type of affect or improvement. At this time, we are instructed to give Leo a ½ a pill once per day. Since we are always home in the evenings, we have decided to begin giving him his dosage before bedtime as to get him on a set schedule. Though they are rare, there may be possible side effects to look out for such as vomiting, dry mouth, etc. I, personally, know of a few people who have given their cats this particular medication and their cats have had no problems or medical issues with it what-so-ever. I am told that the only thing about Amitripyline is that you must be sure to be diligent when administering it and not to miss even one days’ dosage. If you do, you must begin the cycle all over again as this medication takes time to accumulate in the cat’s system enough to actually help them. And, as with any medication, the dosage/mg is determined by the cat’s body weight and so on.
As I have said many times in the past, we always try the homeopathic methods first before even thinking about putting any of our cats on any type of medication unnecessarily. And, we are hoping that this option will only be a temporary solution in the long run. In the interim, we will still have his blood work checked periodically for as long as he is taking his medication in order to monitor his liver and kidney levels ~  just to be on the safe side.
In addition to the medication, our vet had also given us the links to some different website address we can utilize:
So far, so good.

Sunday, July 05, 2015

A lazy Sunday afternoon at the homestead ...

 Happy Sunday all! Well, with another holiday here and gone and all of my house work done, it is just another lazy day here at home. The cats are chilling on the sofa and I am resting up for another insane work week to begin tomorrow, a Monday after a long holiday weekend that is.

(L-R top) Haley, Tabitha, Leo
 (Bottom) Kiki and Midnight
While we are making a bit of progress with Leo, he is still a problem child as far as his extremely rough and aggressive behavior ... both with the other cats and us. I have therefore finally decided to make an appointment for him at our vet on Tuesday after work. Hopefully, they can give us something to calm him down. Now, we have tried everything the vet approved which we could purchase over-the-counter that was safe for cats, and we even tried the "natural" method and used the "Feliway for Cats" products, but to no avail. It did absolutely nothing, mind you, and was a complete and total waste of money as far as we are concerned. Therefore, this is our last resort.
But, seriously my friends, doesn't he just look like a character in the first pic at the top of this post? Perhaps, we should have named him "Taz" instead of Leo, eh? LOL!!

Friday, July 03, 2015

A Busy Holiday

For me, today marks the beginning of a (albeit rare) three-day holiday weekend. My plans are to clean up the house and take care of a few other tasks this afternoon and then tomorrow hubby and I will spend the day enjoying a cook-out with family ... rain or shine!

Then, perhaps on Sunday we will kick back and relax with the cats and watch a couple of flicks on the tube. What are your plans for the holiday weekend?