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Monday, May 30, 2016

What were the Ancient Gods?

Homer's Odyssey ended - according to the latest astronomical calculations - at October 30, -1207 with Ullyses assasinating Penelope's would-be husbands and finding his wife again. Ulyses had help from a supernatural friend of his, a mysterious "man" called "Mentor", which in reality was his patron Goddess Minerva. It was actually the last event of a God's intervention on Earth. A little earlier in an Akkadian tablet of -1960 found in the destroyed Ur, it is written "Our Gods are LEAVING like migrating birds, our cities are in flames.". We also have the claim of the Jews that they took their Ten Commandments from a desert fire deity in -1446.

The strange thing about that last event is that this deity was too much aggressive and demanded exclusive worship. Carefull reading of these ten commandments gives the conclusion this deity does NOT deny the existence of other deities but merely forbids worshiping others than himself. He says "Ουκ έσονται ΣΟΙ θεοί έτεροι πλην εμού." that is "There shall be no gods TO YOU other than me.". That god was very carefull so that he actually tells lies by telling no lie. He led naive people that can't get the difference between "Is not" and "Shall be not to you" to believe that he is the only existing true god. This god like his kind is a very wise and intelligent being that can manipulate a naive human without difficulties...

All these gods appear with great powers but they also had human weaknesses, even the god of the old testament that is SUPPOSED to be all good and perfect, has actually the behavior of a criminal, much worse than the others that SUPPOSED to be imperfect and human-like. So all these gods that ever interacted with humans are human-like and they have much greater power than a human. I don't doubt that mythology exaggerates but their actual power is still much greater than humans.

These gods are immortal and could not be killed even in defeat. Defeated opponents in the world of gods had to be imprisoned for eternity because they can't be killed or else neutralized for ever. I would say that they arent material but energy beings that cast images in our minds so that their "material bodies" with which they appear are just an illusion, an image that they cast in our minds while they exist in their dimension.

It would be a good theory but for one detail that does not match. These gods had kids with humans in both ways: Gods with women and Goddesses with men. So, while this does not utterly oppose our theory  they might also have the abity to exist there as well with bodies that are able to interact with our material bodies.

There are two possibilities:

a) Vehicles that fly between the dimensions: They are called Vimana - by the Hindus - or Merkabah - by the Jews - and they had terrible weapons that could destroy cities...

b) A magic Veil, used as a gateway between the dimensions. The veil seems to have something to do with the transition element, the water, especialy in the form of mist along with trees and plants. Rivers and lakes also have something to do with that Veil. This is supported by many myths including elves/faeries and the Arthurian legend.

So these Gods are creatures from another dimension that have indestructable bodies consisting of particles of that dimension that can interact with our world. Modern physics tells us that there is an 11 dimensional universe. In a 6-dimensional subuniverse there can be ten 3D worlds with a common time. That would be the worlds described in the book of Enoch: A chaotic void, a netherworld ("hell" for the christians, Hades for the Greeks), our world and 7 heavens. The first of them is the Faerie Land or Olympus for the Greeks. This is where these human-like Gods live along with faeries, nymphs etc... The Veil lies between this world, the Underworld and the First Heaven. The higher heavens are unknown and completely incomprehensible to us.

The Veil utterly failed when christianity prevailed and with it most of magic ceased to be and christians are even proud of what they did. They brag of having vanquished the "falsehood" of magic and idols. They credit it to the power of their Jesus but in reality this was caused by their evil and then darkness came. Even history books call that era as "The Dark Years". The veil's failure however can't be credited to the christians alone. Some kind of transition effect happened to Gaia between -2000 and -1000 - much after the Flood - that caused the Gods to "depart", i.e. became no longer able to interact in our dimension.

I think that none can really know what ended the mythical age leaving only whispers in the wind behind. The Arthurian legend is far more recent than Homer's epics and this gives me hope that what was lost may still be found again. 

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Horror movies and Witchcraft.

Horror movies follow people's ignorance and superstition in order to sell tickets. Like all movies and unlike ancient greek theatrical tradition, they are not supposed to teach anything but to be liked by as many as possible. We could make a horror movie about christian priests torturing women, abusing boys, ordering the slaying of natives that refused to be proselytized etc. and/or about their god being an evil demon that wouldn't be far from the truth. I have a life cause to produce and even direct such a movie. However such a movie wouldn't be that commercial because regardless if it tells the truth, it would stumble on two main obstacles.

a) The establishment, that wouldn't be happy being exposed.

b) The selfism of the majority that would not tolerate anything going against the common beliefs.

So a small minority religion called witchcraft is more commercial to be falsely defamed than the truth that exposes the establishment and so their supposed to be "evil witches" seducing young men and sacrificing them to the "devil", killing babies etc.

Of course by now every serious researcher knows that these are lies. Neverthless some truths can't be spoken in public because it is considered politically incorrect to be said and maybe even against the law and they remain common secrets in scientific books and conference proccedings. We still struggle to teach the theory of evolution at schools. This alone is enough to show our sorry condition.

Therefore people will continue having their mass illusions and watching these ridiculus horror movies e.g. those about count Dracula scared by a cross though we, in witchcraft community, know REAL vampires that aren't troubled at all by a cross and Vlad the historical person behind "Dracula" movie/novel is actually a hero that defended his land against the invading Turks and the church demonized him for political reasons....

All these superstitions and lies were actually fabricated by the christian church in the Middle Ages, a church that destroyed the Greco-Roman civilization with so much extreme violence that surpassed the Nazis by far and as a result we had the Dark Years in which we returned back in the prehistoric ages and people died of previously curable or at least preventable diseases. Every good history book explains it in details. The same happens today to some states in the East after islamists took over, e.g. Afghanistan and Iran.

So these horror movies merely reproduce the lies that an evil church used to excuse the extermination of the Old Religion that existed before. They are reversing the reality presenting a good priest VS an evil witch while exactly the opposite is what really happened.

I believe that the time has come to at least sue those movie makers that defame and profane our religion. They should be sued by our churches for using the words "witch" or "witchcraft" to talk about "devil"-worshiping, murders and the like. If you think that this isn't that serious i do remind you that people are still getting killed for - real or supposed - witchcraft in many places of this earth...

Saturday, May 14, 2016

ULC Merger to Take Place

As most of you are already aware, I have been a member of the ULC (Universal Life Church) as a Pagan Clergy since 2003. Yesterday, I received an update via my e-mail from Rev. Amy at ULC Seminary that the following merger between ULC. net and ULC Seminary are officially taking place at this time. I have included an excerpt from the e-mail message informing all members that these two organizations have finally decided to join together:
ULC MERGER! - I sent this message out a few months ago, but I don't think it went through for everyone, so I'm sharing the info again. For well over a decade, Kevin Andrews (who runs ulc.net) and I have had a great working relationship. It has been progressing and is now at the point where we have decided to combine forces! There's so much craziness that has gone on in the ULC community since George (Br. Martin) took control of the monastery websites, then 'Br. Michael' started his 'own' thing and mucked up the waters. Kevin and I decided it was time for some unity. Kevin and I are affiliated with the original headquarters in Modesto and none of us has anything to do with the monastery or with the FL guy in any way shape or form. Their sites, while possibly (probably) saying ULC on them, are totally different organizations.

SITE OVERHAUL - If you haven't visited the ulcseminary.org site in awhile, please do. The whole thing has been re-done. It's now a lovely shade of green, with a whole new navigation and updated look. There are still links that need to be updated and added, but the overall site is done. Please check it out. It should be a lot easier for you to find all the information on the site. When the ULC programmer was originally working on it, he said he had no idea that the site had so much information in it. You can expect more essays to be posted, homework, sermons and more. If you want to send in a ceremony or sermon that you've written, to be posted and shared with everyone, please send it to amy@ulcseminary.org and I'll get it up there. With the new format, it's so much easier to update things that I'm going to be going nuts adding things. I'm pretty excited about it.
 -- Rev. Amy (And Rev. Kevin)

 I, personally, am very happy to hear this news and hopefully,  Rev. Amy and Rev. Kevin's e-mail information will finally clear up ONCE and FOR ALL the past confusion which has been going on for so long as to which is the "real" ULC organization.

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Brightest Blessings ALL!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Coven of the Cat: Animal Planet "The Haunted" Documentary

This afternoon while watching The Animal Planet series on television called, "The Haunted," I saw an episode that really struck me and I just felt as if I had to write a post about it. 

First of all, I watch this show all of the time and usually the stories revolve around families and their pets who have experienced some very "abnormal" paranormal activity ~ voices when there is no one else in the house, pets who are either affected directly or indirectly by something or someone, etc. Second, these families most often than not choose to bring in a Catholic Priest along with a Paranormal Team of sorts to cleanse their homes in order to get rid of these "unwanted" or, for lack of a better word, "evil" spirits be they human or animal. .

A Pennsylvania resident, Rob Viars, and his family moved into such a house. Their cat, in particular, was terrified by this strange spirit. In short, the house was once owned by a man named Dr. Frederick LaMotte Santee who was the town doctor and the leader of a Wiccan coven called, "The Coven of the Catta." This coven worshipped the Egyptian cat goddess, Bastet.  Of course, there had been a lot of rumours and half-truths going around about people practicing witchcraft and performing seances, etc. for years.

Around the time The Viars family was getting, "haunted" one of the descendants of Dr. Santee's coven, Lord Shawnus, had come across this story on the Animal Planet website about the house where the doctor had lived. He had decided to come forward to help this family and to set the record straight about both the house and witchcraft. Turns out that the doctor's neighbors were so paranoid about these rumours of speculation, that someone actually tried to burn down the guest house where the coven's sacred cat, Bastet, was living. The house was saved and everyone managed to make it out alive except for the cat.  It was believed that this was the same cat's voice screaming which the PAA (Pennsylvania Paranormal Association) picked up on their EVP's.

The Viars family asked Wiccan High Priest Lord Shawnus and his High Priestess to cleanse their house of Bastet's spirit and send her toward the light. Thankfully, they were successful and now the coven's beloved cat may finally be at peace after all these years.

Friday, May 06, 2016

Christian Leaders VS Pagan Leaders Subconscious Archetypes

In my country Greece five politicians stated - as an idiom of course - that they would ally with the "Devil"... I believe however that this is their only sincere statement because they were raised in the judeochristian cosmology and tradition which inplants in the subconscious that kingdom in this world belongs to evil Satan and for some mysterious reason the almighty good God tolerates that. So if you like and want power and leadership you have to bow down and worship the "Devil".

In the christian bible we read:

Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. "All this I will give you," he said, "if you will bow down and worship me."

Mathew 4:8-9

In short, kingdom or in general leadership is granted by the “Devil”.

So good people that sincerely believe in christianity will never be after leadership and so we end up being ruled by evil people. Evil people take over for three main reasons:

a)  Good people will never be after leadership because leadership is supposed to be given by the "Devil".
b) Evil people are being tought that leadership is theirs, since it is given by the Devil and so they are after it.
c) People who aren't necessarily evil and desire leadership, become evil because so they are tought they must be in order to be granted leadership by the "Devil".

By this subconscious mechanism their myth became truth. Therefore the result of Christian cosmology is indeed evil rulers.

On the contrary according to the Greek pagan religion, god of kingdom was the king of Gods Jupiter. Jupiter in the name of justice threw down his own child-eating monstrous evil father Saturn and imprisoned him for eternity. So the subconscious message of pagan cosmology is that a leader has to be good and unconditional champion of justice.

Of course Jupiter mated with every goddess or woman he desired because that is the natural order. The ruling male of the pack has every female he desires. This natural fact is reflected in pagan societies. The leader had every woman he desired and if the leader wanted he could have a woman just before her marriage. The males had the duty to be conscripted in the army and the possibility of getting killed and females had the duty of a posibility of a night with the leader. Sex wasn't considered a bad and shamefull thing in pagan societies. It was included in religious worshiping typicals and ceremonies too. High Priestesses also had sex with the leaders in the frame of religious ceremonies.

Thursday, May 05, 2016

The Sweetest Cats in the World: The Norwegian Forest Cat

If the Maine Coon (and I, personally, believe this to be so) is considered to be the “gentle giant” of the feline world, then the legendary Norwegian Forest Cat has got to be the sweetest!

Based on personal experience and everything I have read about this breed thus far, the Norwegian Forest Cat is not only intelligent, but a loyal and loving companion as well. Much like the Maine Coon but has been around a bit longer, “Wegies” as they are sometimes nicknamed, are believed to have a direct connection to the Vikings, who kept them on their ships in order to keep the vermin population down. As is often true of Nature’s rule, they are a product of the “survival of the fittest” and/or natural selection as they easily adapted to the harsh Norwegian climate.  Using their sturdy bodies already equipped with strong legs, bushy tail to cover themselves thus keeping warm, and overall healthy biological make-up, these cats lived on plants, rodents and even tree bark to survive.

By 1934, it became evident to the Norwegian people that this beautiful but hardy breed was on the verge of extinction. They formed a club and every effort was made to continue breeding them until World War II. Then in the early 1970’s, serious efforts began when a group of dedicated cat fanciers formed Norsk Skogkattring in order to preserve this living historical monument. In 1976, Wegies were recognized by the Feline International Federation, the international cat organization in Europe. This was no easy task; however, as not only had these cats needed to be approved as breeding stock by a panel of breeders and judges, but litters also had to be approved. A very time-consuming project, the end result was well worth it as no attempt to change the breed to appeal to what is considered “in” took place and these cats have remained untouched over the years.  I believe this is exactly why they are described by breeders as having a “straight” profile. It’s worth mentioning that, according to Cat Fancy Magazine’s Susan Shaw, “it is common to see a Forest Cat snuggling in the arms of a judge, giving him or her a kiss.”

The Norwegian Forest Cat is also a big part of Norse mythology as they are said to be the cats depicted pulling the goddess Freya’s chariot across the sky as they accompanied her during battle.  As much as I love Maine Coons (and trust me, I certainly DO!), living with our Wegie, Tabitha, I can’t help but to adore her. We have only had her a couple of years so far, and already she has me wrapped around her little poofy paws!

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Recruitments and Pagan Witches.

Some of us have experienced, those annoying visits by Jehovah Witnesses trying to convert people to their nonsense. None has experienced the same visit by a Wiccan. Why is this difference? Jehovah witnesses teach their members that they know when the "end of the world" will take place and that is soon. Therefore, it's a great necessity to "save" as many people as they can since only they are suppposed to know the truth and go to paradise, all others are supposed to go to hell. This trick works fine for believers because it makes them work hard to bring more fans to their group. That's why they are telling people that, because their only desire is for more members. They don't care if they are happy or unhappy. They are scaring them in order to get them in and they are scaring them to remain in there, regardless the psychological damage they inflict upon them. They don't care about their member's health. Members are "numbers" to them. They also need more members to feed their thoughtforms.

Wiccans however have an entirely different point of view.

First of all, we know about thoughtforms, what they do and how and therefore it is impossible for a thoughtform to trick a wiccan into finding victims to feed it. Second, we don't see our religion as the only way and the only truth. We - like all pagans - believe that other gods coexist with ours. We don't believe that any god can or will punish us for not exclusively believing in him/her. We honor all gods that their followers do the same for ours. Third, we don't believe in any imaginary enemy and the necessity to be saved from him/her. Fourth, we see our local coven as a family and the term Bro. and Sis. are LITERAL in our religion and no empty words. And we don't bring strangers into our family. We DON'T WANT many unknown strangers as members, We don't need them among us.

The only reason there is a strife against Christianity is that they persecuted us in old times and still use hate talk against us. It is partially our problem because we can't forgive and we can't forget what they did to us. We never said that we are all good and perfect. And we have the right and good reason to suspect that they will do it again whenever they have the chance.

So if anyone tries to convert people to witchcraft, he/she is no longer a witch but a power hungry warlock. The Old Law forbids to reveal that you are a witch and to brag about it. So recruiting is impossible for a witch of the Rede. It is only possible to make students out of people you PERSONALLY know and IN SECRET.