We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience

Saturday, December 31, 2016

This and That & A Happy New Year ALL!!

Well my friends, it looks like we have come to the end of yet another year. Now it is time to look forward to a new year (and hopefully, speaking for myself, a much better one).

However, I would like to share a couple of things with all of you from this past Yule. First of all, I had received the most beautiful mermaid light from my good friend and cat sitter, Judy ... :)

And, of course, I simply must share a couple of pics from the cats Yule as well ...

Also as most of you already know, this past April I asked my long time Pagan friend and wonderful acquaintance, Dark Elf, to help co-write this blog with me (to read more about Dark Elf, please click on this post link). Since he is currently living in Greece, I had decided to mail him his Yule gifts this year. Here are some pics I took while he was opening up his box of gifts. I sent him a Bastet statue along with some cool candles and candle holders ...

I must say that this has been a rather difficult year for me between family health issues and such. But, one of the best parts of my year was when Dark Elf agreed to join me. I am very grateful to have him in my life. He is an extraordinary individual and I am so very blessed to have him in my life for so many years. I have always believed that people are brought into our lives for a reason, although that reason is not always obvious to us at first. I am extremely thankful for ALL of you and from both Dark Elf and myself we sincerely wish everyone a wonderful and blessed New Year!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Science and Paganism

After a millennia of persecution by judeo-christians and some eons of mockery by atheists and materialists, physicists verify or are going to soon verify the tenets of paganism one by one.

First came Einstein with his well-known matter/energy equivalence and the electron/positron creation from a photon, then came Hawking with the quantum radiation of black holes that discovered that "nothingness" or vacuum can give energy with real evidence and not just theory and mathematics... Materialism died that very same moment.

Next came some quantum physicists that defined a soul as consciousness and stated that it consists of separate particles from matter particles and that our memory is registered in a separate dimension from material world.

Dr. Hans-Peter Dürr, former head of the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich, posits that, just as a particle "writes" all of its information on its wave function, the brain is the tangible "floppy disk" on which we save our data, and this data is then "uploaded" into the spiritual quantum field. Continuing with this analogy, when we die the body, or the physical disk, is gone, but our consciousness, or the data on the computer, lives on.

"What we consider the here and now, this world, it is actually just the material level that is comprehensible. The beyond is an infinite reality that is much bigger. Which this world is rooted in. In this way, our lives in this plane of existence are encompassed, surrounded, by the afterworld already... The body dies but the spiritual quantum field continues. In this way, I am immortal," says Dürr.

Dr. Christian Hellwig of the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Göttingen, found evidence that information in our central nervous system is phase encoded, a type of coding that allows multiple pieces of data to occupy the same time. He said, "Our thoughts, our will, our consciousness and our feelings show properties that could be referred to as spiritual properties...No direct interaction with the known fundamental forces of natural science, such as gravitation, electromagnetic forces, etc. can be detected in the spiritual. On the other hand, however, these spiritual properties correspond exactly to the characteristics that distinguish the extremely puzzling and wondrous phenomena in the quantum world."

Physicist Professor Robert Jahn of Princeton University concluded that if consciousness can exchange information in both directions with the physical environment, then it can be attributed with the same "molecular binding potential" as physical objects, meaning that it must also follow the tenets of quantum mechanics.

Quantum physicist David Bohm, a student and friend of Albert Einstein, was of a similar opinion. He stated, "The results of modern natural sciences only make sense if we assume an inner, uniform, transcendent reality that is based on all external data and facts. The very depth of human consciousness is one of them."


So a soul exists in another-dimensional world than the material and it is detected as "consciousness".

The final blow came from Lovelock that has proven that the Biosphere on the whole planet Earth is a unified super-organism that thinks and reacts. So the Goddess of pagans or else Mother Nature finally exists and is officially discovered by the science while Yahweh god of patriarchal monotheism is still nowhere to be seen. Lovelock took the Nobel Prize for his Gaia Theory.

It ‘s good to see that we're justified.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Blessed Yule and Happy Holidays to Everyone!

Greetings all!  It has been such a busy year but I wanted to wish everyone the happiest of holidays, a very Blessed Yule, and a happy, healthy New Year to come!!