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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Throwback Thursday

(me in 1982)

(and in 1983)

Okay, since I posted a Dark Elf vintage pic last week I thought it only fair to post an old goofy one of me  of my 1983 graduation portrait. LOL!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Monday, March 27, 2017

Fluffy Bunnies.

Wicca's popularity of course was a good thing in general but let's face it. It's not for the masses, it's not for stupid, immature people and it's not for people that talk too much and brag about it. It has been designed for small groups - and NOT solitary - that practices it in SECRECY for reasons I don't want to discuss here even though I took no oath of any kind yet.

I know pretty much and discovered even more by myself but no, I took no oath of secrecy nor initiation. But I don't need the oath to understand that some dangerous secrets are not for the public. They will be both abused and used against us by the rest of society we live in. It's not anything "evil" or "satanic" as the christian majority uses to babble about but it can be considered so by these guys anyway. Secrecy protects us from defamation, scapegoating, hate talk and just another witch hunt by monotheist patriarchy.

(The real reason they hate us is that we have female leaders for our clergy. That 's the real reason of their hatred against the witches and absolutely nothing else. It's not ok to spread our secrets but it's ok to spread theirs....  )

New-agers that just heard of Wicca and are simply wearing a pentacle and going around telling everybody "Blessed Be" are NOT Wiccans. These are fluffy bunnies and wanna-be-witches. To be a Wiccan is a VERY DIFFICULT and very rare thing to happen and actually means that:

a) A person that is already Wiccan - from a magical line of initiations that drives back to a guy like Buckland, Cunningham, Sanders or Gardner - accidentally met you and liked you and so after FIVE YEARS of simple friendship chose you to be his student. No, it's neither democracy, nor votes, nor equal rights here.

b) That person then told you that he is a Wiccan and asked you if you would be interested in that. You answered "Yes." Then he gave you some books to study for A YEAR. After that he gave you A DAY to decide if you really want to be a Wiccan. You answered "Yes".

c) That person initiated you to the first degree of Wicca.

If all this happened to you then you can rest assured that you are a Wiccan. Else you MAYBE are NOT. It depends on traditions and definitions.

Some church-like traditions keep the three degrees for their "clergy" and keep their "crowd" at the step (b) which they call their outer circle while their clergy is called inner circle. The crowd can be present in rituals but they sit outside the magic circle and do not participate in the ritual.

The reasons for doing that are two-fold.

a) Money, subscriptions and donations. That shouldn't be needed but we live in the material plane and not exclusively in the astral... As long as there is nothing mandatory it is okay.

b) Energy. The ritual has stronger results when is faithfully watched by more people and the thought forms of the coven are stronger when faithfully worshiped by a larger crowd. As long as you keep the crowd outside of the "control centre" it is okay.

That way they keep unworthy people "away from their legs" and also have a use for them. This is actually the future of Wicca as it grows more and more. So these fluffy bunnies aren't actually a bad thing and they are pretty useful after all. Each one contributes with what he is able to and everybody is happy.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Ostara 2017

Yesterday was a rather "belated" Ostara ritual celebration for my sister Aurora Skye and myself . Originally we were planning on celebrating Ostara last weekend but with the unexpected passing of my beloved Midnight, I was not emotionally or mentally prepared to celebrate anything at the time. 

And so, we had decided that we would postpone our ritual honoring until this weekend. What made this ritual different from all of the others this year was that we were able to be joined by Dark Elf (Perry) via SKYPE in Greece.

It was a wonderful day because not only did we celebrate the Spring Equinox, we also had a much needed day to spend together - some sister time if you will.

We began the day attending the 25th Anniversary of one of our favorite wiccan shops, "Celtic Myth and Moonlight" where we were able to have a free reading of either runes, palm, or tarot. Aurora Skye chose a palm reading and I had a tarot. 

We did a bit more shopping and then went home to perform our Ostara ritual with Dark Elf ...
(pics courtesy of Dark Elf)


All in all, a most enjoyable day!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

An Ostara post ...

Dark Elf found this today on an FB site called The Oogie Boogie Witch that he visited. It is one of the poems I had written a few years ago.  :)

Saturday, March 18, 2017


It is with an extremely heavy heart that I write this post. Last night, we had the terribly difficult decision to have to put our beloved Midnight to sleep. It turned out that he did not have kidney disease, it was much, much worse than we ever thought a nightmare could be - the blood tests and x-rays showed that he was diagnosed with lymphoma. It spread so quickly that it had already affected his entire system, kidney's included, before we knew what was happening! 

He was not eating and he was so very weak. Our only other option would have been to try chemotherapy and he was far to weak to even think about that and I know from experience that cats and chemo DO NOT MIX - they do not respond well to it as dogs do. Perhaps because a cat's natural instinct is to hide their pain or weakness and so by the time we see any signs it is far too late to help them in many cases.

We are going to have him cremated as we have with all of our other fur babies and I have already ordered a gorgeous cat urn to place his ashes in when we get him back from the vet in a couple of weeks. It will have his name engraved with hearts and a personal inscription which says, "Mommy loves and misses you always!" ...

Losing him was by far the hardest thing I have ever had to go through emotionally and it never gets easier! In fact, it seems to get harder and harder each and every time I lose one of my beloved babies. I did something that I have never been able to do before and that was to stay with him while they put him under. I guess the only reason I was able to do that this time is because if I helped put my dying dad to rest peacefully (with the help of the hospice nurses) and was able to get through that, I can at least be there until the end for my beloved Midnight who was and always will be my heart and soul. I thank my dad for giving me the strength to do that. No one should ever have to die alone!

My sincere thanks to all of my dear friends who sent healing love and energy his way. It meant more to me than words can say.


Forever greets me at the door
Who could ever ask for more?
My cat, my friend, my beautiful boy
My heart, my furry pride and joy

Sent to me by Heaven above,
to fill my life with your sweet love
You give so much and ask for naught
Except our love for which you sought

Loving soul whose always there
Who likes to follow me everywhere
Precious feline, one of a kind
Another of whom I shall never find

~ Lady Caer Morganna

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Prayer and Healing Energy request ...

My dear friends, I am writing this post in hopes that you could please send some prayers and healing energy for my little boy Midnight. As you all may know if you have been following my blog, he has been through so much in his little life and now he is very sick.

For the past week, he has been losing a lot of weight even though he has tried to eat we could only get him to eat canned food or cat puree. This morning we took him to our vet and she said she is very worried about his kidneys. She drew some blood and they are now running some tests which we are supposed to hear the results about sometime tomorrow. The vet also said he was of course dehydrated and she gave him a shot for that. She also prescribed a couple of meds in the meantime ... one to help his appetite along and the other for his sick stomach. 

 My heart is breaking and I am also worried sick about him. Any positive healing energy or prayers would so greatly be appreciated. 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Throwback Thursday ...

A very old pic from an Ostara-Spring Equinox past! (2002)

 Vintage Dark Elf (Perry) -  This pic was taken for the files of The Library of Congress and another institute at Cambridge, England in 2002.

Midsummer ~ 2002

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Although I know this wasn't exactly the birthday surprise it was supposed to be, I wish Dark Elf (aka Perry) the very best birthday wishes ever!!

And since Dark Elf enjoys the snow so much, I have added a couple of recent snow storm pics here in Reading, PA that he may enjoy! ...

(view of the snow accumulation from my front door at 11AM Tuesday morning and it continued for the rest of the afternoon)


Playing with fire

To my dismay, I saw a widely spread stupidity in social media about Hex-On-Trump. I believe this idiocy originates to common "liberal" provocateurs of the Dem party that are not really Pagan witches. It is similar to the revealed scammer Elizabeth Warren that was supposed to be of native descendant but that turned out to be A LIE OF HERS merely for votes.

A christian priest - yes, a christian priest - kindly warned a Wiccan sister of what was about to happen because he didn't want his church to be accused by history of another witch-hunt without even being their fault. It's the fault of some greedy and corrupt to the bone politicians. I am not a fan of "coexist" and I believe in a separate community - maybe I am wrong but is my opinion anyway - but this priest would be welcome because he is really a good man.

Their intentions are two-fold:

First to ignite a new witch hunt that will be carried out by the GOP bible fanatics so that their hands will remain "clean." This is done to open the way for their beloved muslims that hate pagans and the Quran calls for their DEATH. The muslim oil oligarchs pay billions to the Dem party to promote their vile agenda in the USA and the West. This agenda is based on the orders of their Quran. Have no doubt that the Dem party is NOT an ally of Pagans despite their statements. They materialize the wishes of their sponsors and the Pagan community can not compete with the Saudis financing the Dems.

Second, to appear as saviors to Pagans to get their votes despite their secret plots for their destruction. Quite a Machiavellian plan. They are clever but not that clever. Hexing the President is an unconstitutional act of treason and an insult in public against the Head of the State. They also might have troubles with the law if someone sues them. I advice Wiccans not to support that and to protest wherever they find it.

Those who take part in these idiotic hexes are NOT Wiccans or serious witches. They are new-ager would-be-witches that do not belong to any legitimate Wiccan Church. Many Wiccan Churches condemned it because they know that it may lead to a new witch-hunt by bible fanatics. And it also goes against the Rede and the Old Law:

A. You must harm none.
B. You aren't permitted to brag that you are a witch and threaten to curse.
C. Even if you are asked if you are a witch or know anything about it, you must not admit it and you must evade the question.

These guys are doing exactly the opposite. They admit in public that they are witches, they threaten to hex, and they try to harm.

This blog never proposed a hex against Obama or Hillary. It's against our faith.

Don't worry. It won't work because they are not real witches... they are Dem provocateurs along with new age loonies that are would-be-witches and will-never-be-witches of course.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

This and That ...

Happy Sunday all! Hope you are having a great weekend. We have about eleven days or so left of winter and our weather here has been rather strange to say the least. The National Weather Service is issuing a severe Weather Alert Warning for Reading, PA and surrounding areas beginning late Monday evening straight into Tuesday evening:   :O
* HAZARD TYPES...Heavy snow and strong winds.
* ACCUMULATIONS...Snow accumulation of 6 to 12 inches.
* WINDS...Northeast 15 to 25 mph with gusts up to 40 mph.
   Strongest gusts are expected along the coast.

Of course, as per usual, much depends upon which direction the storm ends up taking. We could get hit VERY badly or perhaps just get the tail end of it ... who knows? After all, the only real "weather forecaster" is Mother Nature Herself.

Moving on, my sweet old kitty Midnight is (weather permitting, that is) going to the vet this week because he is not eating well and therefore losing weight. Needless to say, I am very concerned and pray he has nothing serious wrong with him.

Ah yes, in any case never a dull moment in life, eh? It reminds me of that old adage ...
Brightest Blessings!

(posted by Dark Elf)

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Post Services, Customs and... A Ruined Birthday!

(Dark Elf)

To my great disappointment, my birthday gifts had been returned to sender. What exactly happened is:

a. An incompetent office employee that mistook the gift for a merchandise.

b. A greedy commie govt. in Greece that supposedly "cares for the poor" and yet taxes a CD with $150 and make citizens run at 100 offices just to receive a birthday gift from a friend.

Even if it was really a merchandise, it would make no sense to tax a CD with $150.

Breakdown of receipts:
   Card                                                                              -   $4.79
   Great Historical Coincidences (book)                           -   $7.98
   Physical Graffiti Deluxe Edition (Led Zeppelin CD)  -    $21 99
   Celebration Day (Led Zeppelin CD)                            -   $19.99
TOTAL for gifts:                                                                $54.75                                     

"Commie bastard" was a cold war USA - supposed - exaggeration for communists. In this case, I tell ya, it PERFECTLY fits. A $55 value is taxed with $150... almost three times leaving aside that it's a GATT violation (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) ...

(Lady Caer Morganna):

I was told by Mike, the owner of  'Mail n Ship 4 U' (which was the facility that I used and have always used), that with customs you can mail, for example, five packages and never have an issue but the sixth one that you send you could because it depends upon the customs agent and IF they SO choose to put a tax on it or not even if the items have no financial value. I have sent many other packages before to Greece over the past year or so with no problem what-so-ever and, trust me, what this customs agent pulled was EXTORTION pure and simple! Because of this particular brand of a-hole, I had to make a whole lot of phone calls between Fed Ex and "Mail n Ship 4 U" (which I am STILL struggling with!) in order to have the items returned to the States (which should NEVER have been taxed again in the first place by Greek officials), AND all for items which cost me under a total of $60.00 to purchase BEFORE the outrageous shipping cost of $117.00! Dark Elf is indeed correct, these people are blatantly corrupt as all hell (and to think that they actually get away with it)! In my opinion, they are nothing short of disgusting crooks.

UPDATE to this post as of March 10, 2017 ... (Lady Caer Morganna :)
I checked update on Fed Ex website with my tracking number and noticed it said that the package was in transit (“International shipment release – Import”). I immediately contacted Fed Ex again and spoke to a man named Diego who looked into the Fed Ex system notes and said that the package is already being processed for abandonment and will not be shipped back to the States as per my request. He informed me that I (via Mike) may or may not receive an invoice for the 50 euros Greece would charge to KEEP the package! 

(Dark Elf): They can keep wanting. We aren't going to pay... :)

Throwback Thursday

Rhiannon, Page and me on Mabon ~ 2001

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Salem's Witch Trials.

The Covenant of the Goddess is a recognized nationwide Wiccan Church. They put on their Facebook page a good anniversary article in the memory of the innocent victims of Salem's Witch Trials. I have to remind that even a dog was hanged in the frame of this paranoid hysteria...

Sunday Smile ...

Saturday, March 04, 2017

This and That ...

Happy weekend everyone! Hope all is well. Only a little odds and ends post for today. :D

As some of you who have been following my blog for some time may already know, I am a mermaid fanatic and avid collector of all sorts of mermaid paraphernalia. Here is the newest addition - a cool beer bottle with a mermaid pictured on the front of it ...

Also, my cat sitter and good friend, Judy, surprised me with these very lovely belated birthday gifts last Friday at work ...

Purple quartz earrings 

Cute little ceramic cat ring holder

And last but not least,  I just got back from my three month dental check up and ...
"Look ma, no cavities!" LOL

Well, that's all for now. Enjoy your weekend ~ Blessed be!!! 

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Cross and Pentacle.

It's widespread among the Christians that we witches fear or hate crosses. The truth is that the Old Religion had crosses much before Christianity.

Wheel pendants dating to the second half of the 2nd millennium BC have been found in Zürich are held at the Swiss National Museum. Variants include a six-spoked wheel, a central empty circle, and a second circle with twelve spokes surrounding one of four spokes (solar cross).
Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_cross

So the well known Celtic Cross of the figure isn't really of Christian origin. Celtic Crosses like the one in the figure are used in Wicca to symbolize the male sun God of Wicca. Triquetra in that cross is also used as a male sexual organ symbol.

The triple moon sign is really of Wiccan origin and it depicts the well known triple lunar goddess, the pentacle inside however has a much longer history. The planet Venus' track on the sky is actually a REVERSE pentagram. If it is "evil," then the god that supposedly made the planets and all is evil as well... This sign was used by the pythagorean philosophers.

So this very important symbol was adopted to symbolise the Goddess and the five elements: Spirit, Fire, Air, Water and Earth. The corresponding Alpha - Gods are Apollo, Ares, Athena, Aphrodite and Artemis. The sun cross is also a symbol of Apollo as a solar God. The pentagram is also five alphas. My preferred correspondence is:

Apollo / Spirit --> Top
Ares / Fire --> Right (Sword) Hand
Athena / Air --> Left (Shield/Staff) Hand
Aphrodite / Water --> Left foot.
Artemis / Earth --> Right foot.

There are many reasons for this correspondence, I can't explain here, though you may read it otherwise in the bibliography originating from a book by Eliphas Levi. You have to keep in mind that magick books have intentional mistakes - it's either believe me or Eliphas Levi.

Witches are wearing both sign pendants for protection.

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Science, Colors & Emotions

A few years ago, I had written a post entitled, "The Color of Moods" in which I talked about a seminar I attended that was facilitated by a registered nurse on how colors affect our emotions. This post is intended to serve as a more scientific view on the subject. 

Have you ever noticed that certain colors tend to induce or bring about specific emotions when looking at them? For example, does the color light blue make you feel calm or peaceful? Does the color red make you feel passionate - or perhaps even a little more aggressive? Have you ever noticed that mental hospitals tend to use the color yellow on their walls?

While doing some further research on the subject, I learned a few very interesting things. For one, not only do certain colors evoke specific emotional responses regarding our brain patterns, but scientific studies have found that there are three ways in which colors effect us: 

1) Psychologically: This effect is based on our personal experiences.
2) Symbolically: Such colors can be associated with a specific object. For example, the color "sky-blue," "sea-green," "candy-apple red," and so on.
3) Culturally: The color white, for example, is usually associated with pureness and innocence in western society, but in eastern culture it is the color for death and sadness.

How exactly can colors manipulate our feelings and emotions? Well, according to a study by Wellesley College researchers Stoughton and Bevil Conway, it is possible that our brains are hard-wired to like or dislike certain colors and it all relates to emotional responses when we see color. Advertisers are well aware of this fact and use this information to their advantage when promoting and selling their products. As stated by Conway, the research study has significant implications for the creative community "to the extent that anyone would find it informative to know how the nervous system works, and through that would gain an appreciation for these phenomena, I would think artists and designers could benefit."

(For more information on colors, please click on the links at the bottom)

While the science behind our emotional connections to color is a complicated one, it is becoming more clear through anecdotal knowledge and scientific experimentation. 

(References: "Science Behind Color and Emotion" and "How Colors Manipulate Your Emotions")