We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience

Sunday, July 10, 2016


When I was a kid, there was a terrible case that had just emerged about a satanist gang kidnapping and ceremonially killing young girls. I remember that back then everybody was too scared and at the mere suspicion that someone was satanist was enough to call the cops on him... I don't remember anybody talking about moderate satanists... The totality of satanists were supposed to sacrifice girls to Satan...

But even this cult was amateur kids when compared to muslims. A single jihadi killing spree may have more victims than all satanists together at all times. And yet Muslims were allowed because they are supposedly moderates. Of course this happened only in my country and isn't a general rule. So let's go and see something else...

At the last decade a sex-with-minors and sexual-harassment hysteria took place. You couldn't touch anybody. A friendly slap on the back could be considered sexual harassment, dance teachers and gymnasts were - and still are - unable to do their job because of the paranoid christian-bible-backed legislation. An accidental touch is enough to get accused for sexual harassment.

But the main victim of this hysteria was the pagan community because of their sex magick rituals. We were constantly suspects. Every time anybody was accused of having sex with a minor, it was sufficient to pretend he/she is a witch or even a warlock for the local WICCAN community to get accused and defamed, despite the fact that it is not permited for a wiccan to declare him/her self a warlock which means oathbreaker black magician. It was enough for someone getting accused, to be dafamed nationwide without a trial, e.g. the author of Mists of Avalon. Facebook is targeting pagans with repeated identity checks for supposed "paedophiles". It is clear that repeated identity check has no other reason than intimidation. After the first identity check they know who we are.

But when it came to their beloved muslims, women beating and even children rapes are "not that important" as the body "touches" or nudity of "those bad pagans"...  It 's clear now that they don't give a damn about children or minors. They just wanted to persecute pagans and prepare the way for passing their christian/muslim agenda.

See here what the establishment is preparing and where are they driving unsuspecting people to. This is a good lesson that whenever the establishment is exaggerating there is always someone that is targeted.