We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Throwback Thursday

Merlin as he looked when he was found outside along with his siblings. His coat looked almost white.

Merlin now as a 1 year old.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Monday morning montage

Happy Monday everyone!  It has been another busy weekend for us and my mother's house is slowly but surely coming along fine. We went grocery shopping yesterday and I took some pics of her new wall paint and rugs which are being replaced by her insurance from the flood. 

I bought this cute pillow at our local Kmart store... :)

A rare sight - both Tabitha and Sir Leo laying on the bed side by side ...

I picked up some snacks for this Saturday's celebration ...

Some pics of my mom's house from the contractors progress over the weekend. This is what the living room currently looks like ...

The living room closet.

The hallway rug.

The new bathroom floor.

The spare bedroom.

The green room which was my old bedroom when I lived at home.

The blue room which is my mom's main bedroom.

Leftovers (elbow macaroni in tomato & chili sauce) with beer- battered shrimp I made in the air fryer for dinner. Tonight, I am making shephard's pie. My mom always tells me that she will miss my cooking after she leaves to move back home when the crew is finished. I really do not mind - I have rather enjoyed cooking dinner for her. ;)

Have a great day all!!

Friday, January 25, 2019

Fun Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! Well, yesterday I went to my favorite Wicca supply shop called "Celtic Myth & Moonlight" as I was getting low on a few things and in need of some stuff. While there, I picked up these items ...

The new 2019-2020 Witches' Almanac.

A couple of opalite stones.

Jasper and tiger's eye.


Snowflake obsidian.

Rose quartz.

A cute little Irish charm that opens up to hold other small charms inside of it including tiny gemstones.

This Imbolc pillar candle was created especially for this sabbat and has a lovely hand-painted swan on the front of it. It is a new addition for our ritual this year.

I made a decorative choker necklace this week. It is a sun, moon, star, green man pendant and I added a little gold heart-shaped locket with a pink rose on it as well. 

I finally finished writing our Imbolg ritual ceremony last night.

And of course I have to show off Merlin's new kitty collar. He grew out of his kitten collar so I got him another one. It is blue with a bow tie on it. (Merlin factoid: Although I gave him the middle name of James because he used to climb the top of his kitty cage as a small kitten as if he were a gymnast in training, in part I also named after my favorite musician Jimmy Page).
Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Odds 'n' ends ...

Greetings all! As you all know, I attended an "after x-mas party" with my friend Deb this past weekend. It was held at a fire hall in Boyertown, PA. We had a great time eating, dancing, and mingling. I met a few of her co-workers who were very nice people. Here are a few pics from the evening ...

I took a cute pic of her hubby Dave holding his awesome kitty, Jack before we left.

                                           Deb 'n' Dave.

The party was catered and we ate buffet-style. We had ham, turkey, corn, green beans, mashed potatoes, buns, and assorted desserts.

Dancing along with the DJ all nite!

Also, since we are coming up on our next sacred celebration soon, I began getting some things set up and ready for my sister Aurora Skye and my Imbolg ritual on the 2nd of February.

Here is what the altar will look like before my sister adds her bridal photos to help us honor the Goddess Brigit - after all, the word 'bride' was indeed derived from this goddesses' name. We will also be sweeping and cleansing as we say goodbye to the old and bring the new.  

Our altar bowl dedicated to the Goddess Brigit in which to place our offerings to her during the ritual - items will include gold, brass, silver, carnelian, copper, agate, amethyst, and jasper. 

Our ritual garb that we will be wearing during the ceremony which include my handmade Goddess and God ritual crowns.

Well, that is about all for now. So, until next time my friends, Brightest Blessings!!

Friday, January 18, 2019

Back from nowhere

Hello, my dear friends and I hope the New Year is finding everyone well! As you can well imagine, I have been mad busy here as of late. Between job hunting, interviews, and such it has been pretty crazy. My mom and her dog are still staying with me although things appear to be coming along with getting her house back to livable condition.

On one of our trips to help her look for a bathroom vanity, we drove to IKEA last weekend and I found a cheap night stand for my bedroom as my old one finally fell apart.

I was also able to find a seven tier shoe rack through the Walter Drake catalog. So, I took the table which was placed in my bedroom and am now using it in the catio.

As well as a cool draft stop for the catio door ...

A sweet little surprise gift from my husband for an early Valentine's Day gift - a pair of cat feet socks for the crazy cat lady ... LOL!

And finally, I found a little mermaid bracelet on Etsy which was very inexpensive ...

The dog and Leo are getting pretty comfortable together this morning ...

Weather permitting (we have started to get the wintery mix again of snow and ice) I will be going to my friend Deb's belated work Christmas party since her hubby was not able to go with her. Looking forward to getting out and away from things for a night. Soon I will be getting things set up for Imbolg at the the beginning of next month.

This is the dress I plan to wear for the party ...

Have a great weekend ALL!