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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Getting ready for Canada

Well, we are getting close to our vacation trip to Kingston, Ontario. We will be leaving on Friday morning and spending an entire week in Canada. Should be an interesting trip as my husband is driving us and my in-laws rather than flying there (not sure I like all of that driving, but I am not exactly a fan of flying either!) not to mention that I have never been to Canada before.

Of course, my cat Mr. Midnight is beginning to catch on that we are leaving since I began packing my suitcases last night. He is rather good at making "mommy" feel guilty and has been hiding underneath our sofa instead of hanging around me all night as usual...

Call me crazy, but I worry about him a lot whenever we go away for any length of time. Fortunately, I have a VERY good Cat-sitter who is as crazy about her cats as I am about mine and I trust her implicitly! I know that she will take great care of them and treat them as if they were her own.  And,  thankfully, my sister Robin has also offered to help take care of my furr babies and someone whom I also completely trust with their lives. For that, I am extremely grateful!

Midnight with Cat-sitter "Auntie Judy"

Catch up with all of you in a week!!! ;)


  1. have a great trip!!

  2. Enjoy the trip; it should be a blast!! And your kitties will miss you, but they will be fine. Of course, they will make you pay when you get home!! LOL!

  3. I hope you have a great trip. I went to Toronto years ago and it is a great city to visit, a lot to do and see. Lake Ontario is beautiful. You have a whole week so I'm sure you will go a lot of interesting places! Have fun!

  4. Must be amazing to drive & go across a border into a new country. How many hours drive?
    I've always wanted to see Canada - esp Prince Edward Island as I was/am an Anne of Green gables fan.
    Look forward to seeing your photos!

    Love Leanne

  5. Robin ~ Yes, you are right about that, I am sure that I will definately pay, but I know they will get over it! LOL!

    Richard Drew ~ I can't wait to see the sites. Heard a lot about how beautiful the scenery is!

    Leanne ~ My husband tells me it will be about 9 hours driving time from here if we drive straight through with no pit stops!

    Thanks everyone!!!

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