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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Celebrating Lugh Solitary Style

Although lately I have been celebrating the sabbats with either other solitaries or with my dear friend, Lady Sabrina Rhiannon and her group, "The Coven of the Silver Moon Circle," I still consider myself a solitary witch at heart. Since I first began practicing my Pagan faith so many years ago, I had always chosen to honor our holy days in a more private way in which only the solitary path can provide.

As time went by, I began to meet other Wiccans/Pagans with whom I could share my beliefs and celebrate with from time to time. And, once in a while, I will join Lady Sabrina Rhiannon's coven in their sabbat and esbat rituals. I feel very comfortable with them and they are a wondferful group of gals who have generously accepted me into their group at any time, and for that, I have been indeed blessed! Afterall,  sometimes it is just really nice to be with your peers ~ solitary or not.

Still, I must admit that is has been quite a little while since I have performed a sabbat ritual as an actual "solitary" per se.  Today, I decided to celebrate Lughnasadh in the quiet solitude of my Altar Room. It had been so long, I had almost forgotten how completely exhilarating it is. The feeling of "oneness" with our Goddess and God which one experiences in that type of setting and the feeling of total peace I still get both during and after ritual.

That being said; however, this is not to say that I will choose to forgo any opportunity to gather in a group celebration in the good company of my close friends and Wiccan family whom I love so very dearly. It simply means that I now realize how much I really do enjoy celebrating as a Solitary from time to time and doing so reminds me of why I enjoyed being one in the first place. I suppose you might say that being a Solitary Practitioner is who I am and have truly always been deep down.

Wishing a very Blessed Lughnasadh to all!!

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  1. Lovely Lughnasadh altar. I do envy you a little that you have found sisters to be with for rituals and other celebrations. I embrace my Solitary Path, but there are times I would love to get together with a gaggle of wiccan friends. It would be awesome! But as I like to say, "Solitary but not Alone". Blessings and hugs to you Kim.