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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Craft Names

Craft names. How does one choose one? I can't speak for the majority, but I knew I wanted to choose a craft name which "felt right" to me. A name that fit in along with my life and who I, personally, was.

Like so many other Wiccans, I decided to "borrow" a Goddess or God name out of ancient mythology and I have always loved the Celtic deities (as their stories have always intrigued me).

So how did I come upon the Goddess names, "Caer" and "Morganna?" Well, the name "Caer" comes from Caer Imbormeith, a Celtic swan goddess (pronounced "Ky-air"). The word Caer by itself means, "fortress" and my birth name of Kimberly translates from Old English as, "from the royal fortress."

In Celtic mythology, according to Caer's story, She lived as a swan goddess on the lake "Loch Bel Dragon." Now, I am also a student of astrology (Western and Chinese) and in Chinese astrology, I was born in the Year of the Dragon. Caer is primarily known as the Goddess of Dreams who married Aengus MacOg, the god of young love. Much of my natural  psychic abilities manifest themselves in dream form more than anything else.

Why "Morganna?" In Western astrology, I was born under the water sign of Pisces the Fish. The root word, "mor" means "sea" and in Celtic mythology Morganna was orginally believed to be a sea goddess before she was known as King's Arthur's half-sister, faerie, or sorceress. Even as a child, mermaids have always held a certain fascination for me and so the entire concept really made sense. It was as if it all just came together.

If you should wish to have a craft name,  I think it is really important to choose a name that has a special, personal meaning to you ~ a name which exuberates your soul and embodies who "you" are personally.


  1. Well there is an interesting comment you have. Anyway, I love the story of your magickal name, how beautiful.

  2. Yes, I can see that. Where in the ???? did THAT come from? LOL Needless to say I am going to delete it if I can! UGH!

    Anyway, thank you for your thoughtful comment ~ much appreciated!(unlike the previous comment before you) lol



  3. I have always loved your name. I chose Willow for the tree. It has wonderful properties that I either see in myself or would like to. I want to add something to it, but I am not feeling anything else right now. Maybe some day. Now trying to come up for craft names for my kiddos, that is a different story.....