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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Goodbye HOT Summer, Hello Lugh!

Here in the State of Pennsylvania, the God has been working overtime. For the past two weeks, we have had weather in the high 90's with extremely high humidity. In fact, yesterday, the temperature was up to 102 degrees in our area! UGH!!

And on top of that, our central air needed to be re-charged as it was blowing luke-warm air out of all the vents. I had to take a half of a vacation day in order for the service repairman to come over to the house and fix it. Thank Goddess we now have our air conditioning back! (Not a lot of fun ~ especially during peri-men, I can assure you!). LOL!

At any rate, I am so very looking forward to the beginning signs of the Autumn Equinox since fall has always been my favorite time of the year. I love the beautiful colors as the leaves on the trees begin to change from green to red, yellow and orange and I much prefer the cooler climate. I have already begun to decorate my home with some autumn decorations for our up-coming sabbat of lughnasadh (Lammas, to some) as I very anxiously await saying "goodbye" to the Summer Solstice and "welcome" to the First Harvest!


  1. Isn't it awesome having internet & blogs - in the Southern hemisphere I am looking forward to Imbloc - making plans to get roses cut so the clippings can go on bonfire. Spring is my favourite season.

  2. How exciting, Leanne! I, too, love Imbolg and the season of Srping! I wish we could have Spring and Fall all year round here!!

    Love, Kim