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Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Turn

Well folks, looks like it's my turn now to cat sit. My sister Robin and her husband are leaving for their vacation today and will be gone until the end of next week. While they are taking it easy in Maine, I will be watching, Jeepster, their cat.

Jeepster is now a "senior" kitty whom Robin has had since she was a kitten while married to my late brother-in-law. As is so very typical of a cat, she was supposed to be Robin's kitty, but has always been a "man's" cat. She had always preferred my brother-in-laws' company and now that Robin is re-married, she has decided that she absolutely loves hanging around her husband Jim.
Jeepster as a kitten

Miss Jeepster as an adult

Jeepster, like many senior cats, must take medication for her overactive thyroid. She must be given two half tablets per day. Luckily, there is this little invention called, "Greenies Pill Pockets" which makes it very easy to administer pills to both cats and dogs.

And, due to her age, she has a bit of trouble hearing and seeing as well as she used to, but other than that she gets around pretty good for an old gal of 19 1/2 years!

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