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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Canada, eh?

We just returned home from our trip to Kingston, Ontario. We drove to Johnson City, New York and stayed at a hotel then took the Wolfe Island Ferry (car included) to the border near Kingston the next morning. (Funny, I guess I expected to see a Mountie in uniform standing on the other side of the border wating to check our passports ~  I suppose I watch way too much television eh?).

What a BEAUTIFUL place! The skies are breath-taking and, while at home in PA the weather was 99 degrees and humid as Hades, we had gorgeous weather. We stayed in a nice cabin near Chaffey's Locks (right outside of Kingston), a very rural area with just about every critter one could possibly imagine they'd see. The first day there we saw a groundhog (up close and personal!) and over the next few days we also had a chance to see a very odd colored skunk (who walked right up to our cabin looking for some grub), a beautiful doe in the neighbors back yard, a porkupine, loons (black ducks who sing and can stay under the water for an unbelievably long time) and some "black" squirrels. Obviously some things we don't get to see here in the States.

(a pic of a female Loon and her ducklings riding on top of her back)

We took motor boat rides and of course went shopping in a few of the village stores in the town of Westport. You know, Canadians really DO say, "Eh" a lot! So much so that I just couldn't resist buying a T-shirt that says, "Canada, Eh!"

One of the stores we stopped in was Latimer Soap Works Artisan Bath & Body Care which made specialty soaps, etc. They really were like nothing I have ever seen before. Some of them looked like cheesecake, cupcakes, petit fours, etc.

We had a really great time. Of course after we got back my cat Mr. Midnight was a little upset with the fact that mom went away for so long, but he soon forgave me and all is well! All in all, it was definately worth the long ride there, eh!


  1. Glad you made it there and back again, safe and sound. Sounds as if a wonderful time was had. So nice to get away, especially someplace new. Hugs, eh?

  2. Ahh Canada looks beautiful! Glad you had a great time away.