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Monday, September 01, 2014

A New Use for Old Candle Holders

A few years ago, I bought a cute little Feng Shui candle set from a nice co-worker who also sold Avon Products, I usually do not buy much (if anything at all) out of their catalogs, but I happened to come across this lovely set ...

Of course, these items looked much larger in the catalog picture, and when I got them, it was not exactly the size that I was expecting! Instead, they were tiny little candle holders which came in a tiny little box and only burned for less than an hour. I really liked the ceramic Feng Shui cups; however, and didn't want to throw them away after use.

So, I decided that I just had to find another use for them. I cleaned them up and sterilized them really well and now they are used as our saké cups for when our friend and her hubby visit. Yes, I am aware that Feng Shui is Chinese and saké (rice wine) is Japanese, but we enjoy them all the same.

 Feng Shui symbols: Earth, Fire, Metal, Water and Wood

The Wiccan adaptation for eclectic purposes

I could also have used these beautiful cups to burn incense cones, but I just couldn't see ruining them with the ash burn. Still in all, not too bad for the couple of dollars which I had spent!


  1. Willow said ... Oh that stinks they were so little. But man are they cute and a great "reuse" on them!

  2. How wonderful!!! This was a great idea, dear Kim!
    Is there no end to your creativeness :))

    Hugs and Blessings

  3. Well done Kim! Great idea! I am so happy you didn't get rid of them! Big Hugs ;o)

  4. These cups/candle holders are adorable!