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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Now you see her, now you ... wait, she's back again!

Two weeks ago, my hubby was outside when he suddenly walked back into the house, grabbed a bowl of cat food, and told me he found a female stray "siamese cat" strolling along our back cement walkway. He said to me, "She came right up to me. You gotta see this!"

So by the time I got into the back enclosed porch, she had already made her way on her own into our house. The first thing I noticed was that she had no collar or ID on her, and she had obviously been spayed. We then asked around the neighborhood  to try to find her guardian(s) in the event that she had accidently gotten out, but to no avail. We kept her in the enclosed porch for a couple of more days until her owner finally showed up at our house asking about her. She told us that one of the neighbors had mentioned that we have cats and should ask us if we had seen her. She also said that she was going to take the cat to her boyfriend's house to live with him because she keeps getting out of the house. She named the cat, are you ready for this one?, "Fancy Pants!" Poor cat!!

Anyway, after that we (reluctantly, mind you) gave the woman back the cat and thought that we'd seen and heard the end of everything. This morning while I was on my way out the back door, who do I see only a week later? Yup, you guessed it, Fancy Pants. Believe me, the last thing I want to do is hand her back over to someone who is so obviously an undeserving, irresponsible owner, but I don't see any way we could keep her without her owner, who lives only a couple of houses away from us, finding out!

She is so, so friendly and so very sweet. I honestly do not want to see her get hit by a car or anything on our extremely busy and dangerous highway we live next to! That being said, we now have little choice but await her idiot owner showing up at our doorstep to, once again, pick her up. Seriously, I could slap this woman silly!!!


  1. Kim...Fancy Pants seems to have chosen who she truly wants as her guardian.
    Maybe the powers that be are thinking the same way. I so hope that this is a
    sign that you and hubby may become her new parents...she is beautiful~

    Hugs and Blessings

    1. Thanks, Jan! I also like to think that the powers that be are trying to tell us something! We are just so fearful of her irresponsible owner making legal trouble for us or the like! We are going to keep our fingers crossed and do what we can to try to keep her!

      Many hugs,


  2. Willow said ... for what? The cat wanders up in to your house. You returned her. Cat comes back. You didn't steal her. She waltzed in. And I am worried about the cat getting run over, like you said! I mean, I totally get not being able to keep the cat inside, I do! Salem gets out ALL of the time. And I know it is my own fault if he moves in with someone else. She obviously likes you.

    1. Very true! I was just holding her in my arms a few minutes ago and she literally fell asleep on me! We sdore her so much! I am trying to convince Brett to help me lie to this woman when she shows up ... He loves her too!!!

  3. Willow said ... Cat?? What cat?? No cats here! hope it all works out for you both. She seems to have chosen you. Smart kitty!

  4. Kim, the owner was going to give Fancy Pants to her boyfriend to live, so why doesn't she just give the cat to you? The cat has picked you and your hubby! Fancy Pants knows where she wants to live ;o) Sending out kitty prayers that Fancy Pants lives with you! ;o) xoxoxo