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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Never a dull moment!

Well, this past week has been, to say the very least, interesting! I had my very long-awaited vacation week from work all planned out. Re-organizing and decorationg ... (check!),  grocery shopping ... (check!), cleaning on Thursday, taking a day trip with hubby somewhere (anywhere) on Friday, and then preparing for our (albeit a tad late due to schedules) Mabon/Autumn Equinox ritual celebration on Saturday afternoon. Uhhh, well, needless to say, although things did eventually work out in the end, they didn't excatly go as (cough) planned ...

On Wednesday morning, we woke up to absolutely no electricity at all. No storms nor accidents in the area in which someone may have hit an electrical pole. So what happened? Well, turned out that apparently my hubby forgot to pay our electric bill and so, you guessed it, they turned it off!

Furious doesn't even begin to describe what I was feeling at that point. I thought to myself, "Great, of all the weeks for this, right?" We made some phone calls to MetEd on our land line phone because we do not receive a cell phone signal in our house at all, not to mention that hubby did not have his cell phone charged either. So we paid the bill and they then proceeded to tell us that they had up to three days to restore our power to us! Say what? ~ keeping in mind that this was not a power outage or anything.  Luckily; however, they do make every effort to hook you back up within 24 hours and by late Friday morning, they did. Therefore, both electric and some weekend plans restored! LOL!

Talk about being thankful, we were all very happy that our Mabon celebration and get together with old friends did not have to be cancelled. And so, we all gathered at my house on Saturday for some food, ritual and fun ...

Me, Judy (Rhiannon), her husband Matt (Draco) & their son Richard (Page)

Rhiannon having a little fun eating her apple while posing for a quick pic after ritual!

 Draco & my hubby Brett, "Here kitty, kitty!" 

Some ritual items for the altar ...
Basket of MacIntosh apples
Little sabbat gifts ~ Apple & Pumpkin scented bottles

We all had a wonderful time and are already making plans for another get together for Yule! 

Brightest Blessings all,



  1. WOW!!! Is hubby back on your good side again :)) What a scary thing to wake up to! But it would seem that the God and Goddess were watching out for you and things did get better!!!

    Extra Hugs and Love

    1. LOL! Yes, I forgave him! Actually, one good thing that came out of it was that he was so bored without a computer and TV, he actually got some yard work done!!!

      Big Hugs,


  2. I am sorry about the hydro Kim! I laughed at your answer to Jan! LOL! See something good came out of it! Hubby did some yard work ;o) LOL!
    I love the photos so much! You and your friends had a very special Mabon celebration ;o) Big Hugs and much love xoxoxo

    1. Thanks, sweetie! If you read the post after this one, you will see how there was absolutely no way that I COULDN'T forgive him!!! Ahh, knows I love him anyway! LOL!!!!