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Sunday, September 07, 2014

Books Are Fun Day!

About twice a year, there is a company called, "Books Are Fun" which travels to my job and sets up all of their wonderful books and other neat little gift items! Recently, they came to visit us and are scheduled to be back again sometime in November as well.

I always look forward to checking out all of their new books and really cool things ~ some you can find other places, some not. I also love it because I enjoy buying some of my Yule (for friends) and Christmas (for family) gifts there. 

Although I can't show all of the things which I bought (since some of my friends and family also read my blog posts), I can show you all atleast a couple of the items I found at the book faire ...

 "Who Knew?: The Best of Vol. 1 & 2" and "Who Knew?: Vol. 3" wriiten by New Jersey authors, Jeanne Bossolina-Lubin & Bruce Lubin

This is such a great book on cheap, easy, common sense ways to use simple household items, recipes, etc. to remedy many of your normal day-to-day home and health issues.  Very clever, money-saving ideas that really do work. Love it!

 The Police: Certifiable - Live In Buenos Aires (2-DVD 2-CD Set) 
The Police: Certifiable - Live In Buenos Aires (DVD Box Set)

I also bought a couple of beautiful  5X7 sized picture frames and a "Leanin' Tree" box of assorted cards. When we visited Ontario, Canada a couple of years ago, we saw a lot of these cards sold in various gift shoppes in almost every town we went to. They're awesome!

Perhaps when "Books Are Fun" comes around again in November, I will do a bit more holiday gift shopping! LOL!


  1. How cool, Kim!!! I love the idea of gifting with books...I, myself, will never have to many books on my shelves :))

    Great Big Hugs, My Dear Friend~

  2. Wish these guys came to my town :) looks like some awesome grabs

  3. That looks wonderful !! I'm sure the gifts you bought are great too !!
    Have a magical day.

  4. Excellent! Great items! I wish they came to our town ;o)