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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"Spiritual Astrology": Book Review

I actually first found this book at a bargin bookstore many years ago and have utilized it quite often over the years. Personally speaking, I really love this book written by Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy.

"Spiritual Astrology" is a very resourceful book to have on your shelf if you wish to learn about the specifics of the astrological signs and how they affect your life and individual personality. It includes an extensive section full of birth year charts which allows you to look up each of your planets for your personal astrological graph. The only problem is that due to the fact that this book is rather old (it was published in 1988) the charts only go up to the year 1980. But, still in all a terrific book! Love it!


  1. I will sure give this book some thought, Kim...thank you for posting about it :)

    My blog disappeared for about a day. I have no idea where. But this morning it is back and everything is still there that I can see. Must be the season :)

    Lots of Hugs