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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Very Blessed Samhain to ALL!!!

It's so hard to believe that this wonderful sabbat is upon us all already. Like many of my other dear blogger friends I, too, feel that this year came very quickly to say the least!!! I would like to celebrate with you all by sharing some of my favorite Samhain poems with you. The first one is written by Wren Walker. I just LOVE this and I hope that you enjoy it also!

SAMHAIN NIGHT ~ by Wren Walker

Beneath the square of Arthur's Wain,
The Faery Mounds so long have lain -
Like sleeping giants on the land
Like dreams we seek to understand

The darkest night has come around,
The bay of hounds the only sound -
As star-white steeds race through the wind
And branches rattle and dry leaves spin

Flashing silver pierces the Moon,
Swords held high against the gloom -
Wheels of fire roll on by
As shields are raised against the sky

Gwynn ap Nudd in white and red,
Heads the hunt of the ancient dead -
Into the realm of darkened light
A mighty band charges in swift flight

This night holds both beginning and end,
The Wheel has come full circle again -
The past and future come into our sight
All becomes one on this magickal night!

Between the heaven and the Earth,
The way now opens to bring forth -
The hosts of those who went before
They come riding now through the open door

Dark wild hunters racing the year,
Time stands still as past and future appear -
Encircled between the dark and the light
Together again on this Samhain night!

Upon a dark and windy hill,
On Samhains’ eldritch night
I saw the Crone with withered hands
By balefires burning light
Her eyes were full of wisdom,
The threads of life She span
And sang, “Blessed Be and Blessed Be
And Blessed Be again!”

-Joe Bethancourt


  1. Beautiful poems for Samhain! Thanks Kim.

  2. Wonderful poem. Wishing you a magickal and blessed Samhain.

  3. Beautiful poems and of course Loreena is a MUST for any time of the year ;)

    Blessings to you and yours on this most beautiful of holidays...

  4. I hope that you and your family have a Lovely, Magical and Blessed Samhain, Kim...lovely posting with wonderful poems~~~

  5. A blessed Samhain to you and yours. Methinks that while I sit with candles lit; sage and sweetgrass....apples, cheese, bread, creme and honey sitting on their respective plates...music playing quietly, I'll read these poems aloud. Thank you for sharing them!

    Would you mind if I emailed you a question Kim?

    1. No, not at all Jacqueline. Please feel free. I believe you still have my e-mail address?


  6. Blessed Samhain to you my special friend ;o) Beautiful poems!

  7. Great poems, and love the crone's “Blessed Be and Blessed Be And Blessed Be again!” it's full of good tidings - and the same to you dear Kim :)

  8. Your music, poems, and pictures weave a beautiful promise of things to come....