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Friday, September 28, 2018

Fun Friday!!

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! Busy weekend and a very busy month ahead as well. While they may be calling for rain here all day, I am getting ready to head out soon with my sister Aurora Skye to visit a cool place called The Blue Ball Outlets in, yep you guessed it, Blue Ball, PA. It is a neat indoor market place where you can find all sorts of bargain items.

Then, tomorrow I am planning on attending the Annual Celtic Classic in Bethlehem, PA. I can't wait for that either actually! I have posted some really good pics of this event in past posts so if you are interested in checking them out, just click on my sidebar under Celtic Classic. 

Have a Blessed weekend all!


  1. Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead of you. The farmer's market in my area is having something special for us senior citizens tomorrow. I do hope I can make even an hour of it.

  2. Had to look on the map to see if Blue Ball is near the Eldest. Sadly, it isn't. Sounds like a great place. Have a good time, and I'm looking forward to seeing what treasures you find.

  3. Sounds wonderful!!! Have fun and buy some neat things that you can share with us here 🍁👻🎃🍂

  4. Enjoy your weekend.
    Thanks for Kool and the Gang :)

    All the best Jan

  5. Have fun Kim!! Sounds fantastic! Big Hugs! I love Kool and the Gang!