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Thursday, February 14, 2013

A funny little Valentine's Story

Happy Valentine's Day all! I hope that everyone had a very nice one. Well, looks like my hunny did it again. He actually sent me a beautiful bouquet arrangement of pink carnations (my favorite!) and red roses at work today! (I can truthfully count on one hand the number of times that he surprised me like that in our 11 year marriage.)

Now, the actual funny part is that the card read the following ...

So what is so funny about that? Well, my hubby's name is BRETT! LOL! Last night, he gave me an early Valentine's Day gift. This gift was especially meaningful as it was a special addition DVD of my old High School Marching Band days when I was a seasoned twirler, and, it featured lots of great performances from our competitions and parades including our band trip to St. Petersburg, FL my Senior year when we won the Nationals (you see, lately, I have been trying to concentrate on the accomplishments and things I can be proud of in my life instead of my many failures). It helps my state of mind anyhow. ;)

He also gave me a pretty gift card to go with the flowers ...

I gave him a little bear with a heart balloon and chocolates with it and a card ...

All in all, a pretty awesome Valentine's Day ... even if the flowers did come from FRED! LOL!


  1. You got to love Fred! He is a special guy! LOL! You had a very sweet Valentine's Day ;o) Big Hugs to the both of you!!! Keep your love shining bright ;o)

  2. Very sweet Valentines!! Gotta love Fred, I mean Brett.

  3. What a wonderful Valentine's Day you both shared...love it!!!

    Hi "Fred" :) Good job all around~~~

  4. Kim, I keep forgetting to mention that I love your St. Brigid's Cross on your altar! Now I feel better :)


  5. Replies
    1. Caroline ~ Beats me. Apparently Royer's Flower Shop misunderstood my husband when he told him to sign it from "Brett"! LOL!!! We just joke about it now. ;)

  6. How funny!

    Just wanted to let you know too that the candle arrived yesterday! Very nice and I love the smell!!!! Thank you!!!!

    1. Awesome! Thank you so very much for letting me know. I was wondering and hoping that you received it in the mail by now!!!