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Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday morning pick-me-up ~ Land of Make Believe"

(video of song without lyrics ~ great version!)

Happy Monday all!! I wanted to post something a bit up-lifting for today and so I decided to post one of my absolute favorite jazz and stage band songs, “Land of Make Believe.” This song was written by the legendary Chuck Mangione and it is one of the many songs of which I have had the privilege to be exposed to during my years in band. This song was so popular with our band front (twirlers, rifle and flag squads) that every time we heard our band play it, either at rehearsals or live performances, we would all immediately stop what we were doing and watch them play, our eyes literally glued to the stage.

Although Chuck Mangione plays a flugelhorn, our rendition was played with trumpets which produced a much more powerful sound. I have our version burned onto a CD, but do not possess the means to feature it here on my blog. Instead, I have the You Tube version which is simply wonderful! I also added a link that features the actual lyrics to this song as sung by the beautiful Esther Satterfield. Have a great week everyone!!