We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Blessed Samhain Wishes!


Gather we here on Samhain eve
Some to remember, some to grieve
All to join with hand and heart
To see the misty veil part

Stand we here, hand to hand
While spirits roam across the land
Ash to ash, bone to bone
They rise from earth, from sea and stone

Seek their wisdom in the wind
Through curls of smoke, our love we send
And on this night of falling leaves
Gather we here on Samhain eve

We raise a glass
We toast you all
Our Ancestors
From king to thrall

We welcome you
This Samhain night
Come warm yourselves
By firelight

Come join our merry
Feast of Red
We hail you,
The Welcome Dead!
 ~ written by Sokarjo Stormwillow
 )O(  )O(  )O(  )O(  )O(  )O(  )O(  )O(  



  1. love this! Thank you for posting. I need to visit the blog more, it is so inspirational <3

  2. How beautiful this is...I feel the magick while I read it, dearest Kim...thank you for sharing this with us today.
    The bottom photo is very beautiful and sad, but love can be at times when it takes those we love~

    Lots of Halloween Love

  3. What would be the best way for celebrating samhain as a beginner? I've only really just started looking at Wicca and don't really know much about it.

    1. Greetings & Merry Meet! As a beginner, you have many wonderful things to experience for yourself. When I first began practicing, I researched a very brief intro ritual for Samhain. Since this is essentially the third harvest of the year AND is a time for honoring our loved ones (friends, family and/or family fur babies) who have passed over into the world of spirit, I placed a couple of photos on my altar with two tall white candles to represent Goddess & God, and I also placed a small dish of acorns and put fall leaves on it as well to help honor the seasonl. You would do best to do as much reading and studying as you possibly can about Wicca and find what works best for you!

      Blessings, my friend ~


  4. Such a beautiful post ;o) I hope you had a very blessed Samhain ;o)