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Thursday, October 30, 2014

TWL's Throwback Thursday & Fun Friday!

Greetings everyone! Well, the end of the week is here and the weekend is finally near ~  thank Goddess! So, I thought I would share some more pics of old by combining 'Throwback Thursday' and 'Fun Friday' ...

A vintage Halloween pic of Rhiannon & I circa 1997. We both decided to dress up for work ~ I wore my "Star Trek" costume and she wore her little bunny outfit.

 Hubby & I in 2002

Our friend Waterfae all dressed up for an old Samhain celebration at our house with a sign she hung around her neck which says,"Britney Spears in Ten Years"  ~ LOL!

Rhiannon singing live (with Rob and I on backing vocals) with the group "Second Effort"

And, again in 1996



  1. This was fun, dearest Kim...thank you for the smiles!!! Happy Halloween!!!


  2. Great post Kim! Love these photos ;o) Fantastic! Hugs ;o)