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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Paganism: A Legitimate Religion

Is Paganism really a legitimate religion/faith? The following are excerpts from an article found in a London newspaper on Paganism and Witchcraft. I thought it interesting and felt compelled to share it on my blog:

“Organizations such as the BBC and the Metropolitan Police are devoting more and more time to the understanding of Pagans and Witches.  According to 2001 figures, there are 144,500 Buddhists, 300,000 Pagans & Witches and the registered Jewish population numbers 259,000.  Astonishingly, around 100 members of the Armed Forces now classify themselves as Pagans and a further 30 as Witches. There are also thought to be about 500 Pagan Police Officers.”

The article goes on to say that Police Officers are now being educated on “how to approach Witches & Pagans.”  They are “instructed to avoid touching a Witches’ Book of Shadows and not to handle the ceremonial dagger known as the athame.”

Diane Narraway, the leader of the Weymouth Druid coven and a teacher of tarot and witchcraft, summed it all up by saying:

“We are soldiers, civil servants, teachers, housewives, accountants, university lecturers, farmers, care-givers, historians, policemen and women, forestry workers, gardeners, call center workers, office clerks, dancers and shop workers.  We live our lives quietly, paying taxes, working hard, loving our families, donating to charities, being part of the fabric of society.”

Yup, pretty much says it all - nuff said.


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