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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Solitary Imbolg Ritual

1 tall single white candle and wax drip catcher
13 white votive candles or tea lights
Oil lamps
Brigit’s Cross
Besom (broom)
1 Grain or Wicker Dolly (to symboize Brigit)
Brigit’s bed
Jasmine, Rosemary or Myrrh incense
Cauldron or incense burner
athame or wand
Bowl of salt
Cup of water
(All candles should remain UNIT  for the start of the ceremony, including the Goddess and God candles, except for the 1 tall single white candle which you will need lit. Place the 13 votive candles around the perimeter of the circle, these candles include the 4 corner candles.)

Cast the circle and call the corners.  Sweep the perimeter of the circle with the besom to  cleanse and purify it.  Light the incense then begin to invoke the Goddess and God.

“I now do call upon the eternal God in the ancient way, as Young Lord of Light and loving consort to the Lady. You who were reborn as the sun at Yule now comes forth in the bright hopes of youth. Send thy spirit forth so that, I, your humble child may feel your light within me. As it is willed, so mote it be!”

I now do call upon the eternal Goddess in the ancient way, as Mother of life, inspiration and hopes. You who are the bride in waiting to the Lord God. Send thy spirit forth so that, I, your humble child may feel your life within me. As it is willed, so mote it be!”

“Blessed be this season of Imbolg,
Blessed be the Goddess, waiting bride of the returning Sun God.”

Take the athame or wand and press it to the heart of the dolly while saying:
“Holy Bride of Heaven and Earth,
Bless this ritual which honors you!”

Then point the  athame or wand upward towards the sun while saying:
“Holy Groom of Heaven and Earth,
Come now to claim your waiting Bride!”

Kneel before the altar while saying:
“Yule is past and the Young God, like his symbol the sun, is returning to his Lady Goddess, the Mother Earth.  As she turns the Great Wheel, she brings him nearer and soon she will offer herself as his Bride.”

Light the God candle while saying:
“Tonight is the night when warmth overcomes cold,
Blessed be the Young God!’

Now light the Goddess candle while saying:
“Maiden Goddess, innocent and fresh,
I beseech you -
Bring the sun of Spring to warm us all once again.”

Then with the single white candle in your hand, light the surrounding white candles around the circle – symbolizing the Young Goddess (Brigit) turning the Wheel of the Year back to Spring. Kneel  before the altar and light the oil lamps while saying:
“Behold the light!
 The God has returned for his Bride,
Blessed be the light that warms,
Blessed be the God!
Blessed be the Wheel which turns,
Blessed be the Goddess!”

Take the dolly representing the Goddess Brigit  and place it in her bed overnight.  Close ritual and open the circle. Thank the deities and the elements – remembering to give back to the  Earth afterwards.

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