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Sunday, November 07, 2021

November came in with a BANG!

Greetings, friends. Here it is the month of November already - October flew by way too quickly! Last Sunday evening, I injured myself in the kitchen and, well, just call me "Grace" ...

First night.

Yesterday with a little cover-up makeup on my chin and neck.

Also this past week, it would appear that Chester finally decided to use the new cat bed I bought for him. He slept in the garage all night long for a couple of nights at least. The pics are not as clear as they should be because I had to take them from the kitchen door window inside of the house for fear that he would run ...

I thought that this pic was kinda cool. The white cat image is actually a black cat window sticker ...

And, on Friday night while working about three quarters through my work shift, I began feeling a sharp, sore pain on my right-hand side. I have no idea what I did or what is wrong with me but since then I have been in A LOT of pain. It hurts to cough, it hurts to get up and down and if I move a certain way it is terriblely painful! Perhaps I injured or strained a muscle while running the two machines at work - it IS a VERY physical job - I just do not know but first thing tomorrow after I get to work I need to speak to the first shift supervisor and find out if he will send me to the staff nurse and go from there. I have been taking ibuprofen all weekend long and using a heating pad as well as Flexall (Bengay) - isn't helping one bit.

And ... last but not least my husband and I finally used my Boscov's Customer Appreciation benefit and took a trip to our local Boscov's store to buy some much needed new curtains and rods for our living room. He put them up right after we got home ...

Hubby goofing around showing off his handywork ... lol

Customer Appreciation is something Boscov credit card holders receive every year giving us 15% off everything in the store for one day only and you get to pic the day. So, that being said I also bought these pretty holiday cardinal curtains that were on sale for the kitchen ...

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!


  1. Wow, you've certainly had a painful weekend, between your kitchen injury and the injury at work. I've had very similar incidents involving pain in my side. It not only hurts to cough, but also to breathe - and any movement is excruciating. Possibly a pulled muscle...I hope you can get to see the nurse.

    I'm glad Chester is using the new cat bed - - and I like the curtains. The cardinals are great for the kitchen.

  2. Oh, poor you! I hope the shift supervisor will let you see the nurse. The curtains and rods look very nice. So fancy. Your hubby did a great job of putting them up. The cardinal curtains for your kitchen are so cute, too. Aww, Chester looks very comfy and cozy. Take care,

  3. Yikes! My comment came out twice again. Blame it on Blogger. Sorry about that.

    1. No apologies necessary - BLogger is BLogger ... lol!

  4. Goodness ... painful injuries, sending healing wishes to you.

    The curtains and rods look very good, your hubby put them up well.

    All the best Jan